What to Talk to Girls About Over Text

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Texting is one of the techniques on how to meet women but it seems quite to come up with ideas on what to talk to girls about over text.  However, if you do not know what to say to girls or how to use texting to your advantage in terms of building attraction; then she might probably get bored in the long run. But before you begin texting any girl you desire; you have to decide what the goal of your action is.

You have to keep in mind that texting is not actually a means to avoid actual phone conversation. If you just met a girl at the bar and you had a great time together better make sure that when you try to communicate with her; do not just text. A lot of guys employ texting a safer means to communicate with women.

Although a lot of men practice this technique, it does not mean that it is entirely acceptable. There are certain situations where texting is better than calling. There are two sides of the coin regarding this matter.

what to talk about with girlsOne of the advantages of texting is that you are given ample time to think and plan on what to talk to girls about over text messages. Guys are more confident in sending text messages rather than calling them.

But if your goal is to get a first date or looking forward to a second date; calling her is still the best option. Another benefits of texting a girl is that you can easily decipher the message most especially if you are planning to date a foreign lady.

On the other hand, texting is not really romantic compare to calling her over the phone. More often than not, messages sent were misinterpreted by the receiver; and you can also misinterpret her message to you too. Sending text messages may seem to be very convenient to do for most guys and it seems much easier to think of ideas on what to talk about with girls too.

what to talk with girls aboutIn texting a girl, you can actually skip the small talk which is actually required during phone conversation. You may go straight to the point like if you want to invite her for a date; a very good way on how to ask a girl out. In this manner, you would not waste her time on endless exchange of text messages. As soon as she agreed to go out with you; begin to plan. Get important information such as where to meet her or pick her up. Avoid asking too many irrelevant questions such as whether she will show up on your planned date or not.

However, if she continues to send you messages; then by all means reply to her messages. This is your chance to engage in casual conversation with her. This will give you better ideas on what to talk about once you are out on a date with her. Nonetheless, if you do not plan to go out on a date with her yet, your text conversation may focus on various topics such as what she likes, her hobbies, or her favourite books, movies or music. You can talk about something that is funny but make sure that you do not send her offensive jokes.

As a general rule, your reply to her messages should be similar on how long it took her to reply to your messages. Also do not send boring text messages like “What’s going on?” This type of message will not make you stand out among the other guys who are also sending text messages to the lady that you are talking to. Hence it is very important that you have something interesting to send her; a guide on what to talk to girls about over text will be very useful.



Sign Up & Learn The 4 DEADLIEST Pickup Lines You Can Use To Get Girls! (Free Video)

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