Things to Talk About with a Girl on the Phone: Take Your Cue on What Women Talk About

Things to Talk About with a Girl on the PhoneDeciphering the right things to talk about with a girl on the phone becomes a lot easier if you are well aware of the things that women want to talk about. You do not necessarily have to talk about all throughout the conversation to get a girl to notice,but it will be a good thing to equip your self with such topics. Having a good idea on the topics that interest women may make as good conversation starters. They could even serve as ice breakers should you find yourself at a loss on what to talk about next. Read on and take a sneak peak into some of the things that women take pleasure in talking about.

A majority of girls (and even men) have a soft spot for animals. It is not such a wonder then than anything soft and fluffy is one of the nice things to talk about with a girl on the phone. Ask about her pet cat or dog and she will surely talk about endlessly. Having your own pet is a big plus as both of you can share experiences with each other. You can even exchange tips in taking care of them. It will be a good way to build some sort of connection and start off your phone conversation well.

Knowing More about Things to Talk About with a Girl on the Phone

The reason why women love to receive flowers from guys is not exactly a big mystery. Girls seem to have an unexplainable affinity for flowers (and chocolates). This is exactly why flowers will be one of the good things to talk about with a girl. Google some of the most common flowers and get to know what they exactly are for and how they should be taken cared of. If you are good enough, the girl could ask you some recommendations and questions about the right kind of flowers that she should buy to give to a friend for her birthday.

If there is one thing that women cannot live without; it would have to be gossip. Women are big fans of entertainment news, even those that happen in real life. This might not be one of the most endearing and best topics to talk about with a girl but is something that both of you can talk for days on end. Despite the obtrusive nature if gossiping; you should see to it that you are not doing it too much. Doing so could give the impression that you are effeminate. Have a tolerance level and remember to stay in it at all times. Even if a certain person that is being talked about is not of much interest to you; at least sound interested and provide some feedback.

More Tips on Things to Talk About with a Girl on the Phone

Girls will always have a bunch of television shows that they religiously keep track. There are so many reality programs and series that have a hold of a good number of women. These shows might not be your thing but if you really intend to hit it off with a girl, at least orient yourself with the show’s storyline and main characters. This will be of big help to somehow allow you to relate with the girl as she talks about her favorite characters and scenes of the show.

And there you have it. These are the top topics that women would love to talk about. Study them and familiarize yourselves with these things. You might never know when they might come in handy at some point during a date with a girl. Use these as a guide in coming up with things to talk about with a girl on the phone or in just about anywhere else.

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