Do You Know How To Talk To Girls On Facebook

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Do You Know How To Talk To Girls On Facebook


how to talk to girls

How to talk to girls on facebook can be a daunting task for some. What makes it hard, however, is the state of mind that you put yourself into prior to talking to a cute, nay, hot girl.

The State of Mind

Typically, men are burdened with the role of being the pursuer. They sometimes forget to key in the effect of value which can greatly influence the conversation skills.

The Pursuer

As the pursuer, it falls unto you to do whatever it takes to get the girl. Sorry to burst your bubble, but 95% of the time, this approach does not work at all. Why? The reason for this is a woman’s attraction to power and to men that seem difficult to get. So if I were you, I’d ditch the “pursuer” approach.

How to Talk to Girls on Facebook


Pick up lines are ok, but unless you have the gift of gab it can become more of a liability for you. Generally, ditch it. Dont burden yourself with how to talk to women. Rather, concentrate more on understanding the female psyche, and I’m pretty sure your odds will get better.

In how to talk  to girls on Facebook, you need to understand how to use neutral or flirt openers. As for me, I prefer using neutral openers.

Neutral openers require you to do the following:

1. Make an observation about her – say something about her profile picture, hair, clothes, etc.

2. Ask an opinion about something

3. Ask a question pertaining to the 2 mentioned above

What this approach does is make you less of a stalker and more of a person who just wants to befriend her. When using neutral openers, trivial questions often get the girl’s attention. Questions pertaining to relationships like cheating and jealousy are usually good picks.

Here are some examples of Neutral Openers:

“I really like that color/dress/necklace on you. I?d love to know where you bought it because I need to pick up a birthday gift for my friend Michelle. I bet she’d love something like that.”

“Hi, you look like someone I can get a good opinion from. Do you think I should tell my friend Pia that I saw his boyfriend cuddling with another girl? I know the guy since we’ve become friends also and I do think this is not something serious. But I feel really bad for Pia. I think she deserves to know but at the same time, I don’t want to be labeled as the guy who ruined their relationship.”

Flirt Openers may be used only when you’re sure of your game because this works best if you’ve established eye contact or some sense of connection through online chat.

Build Bonds First

If you want to meet girls and want to know what to say to girls using Facebook, then you must learn tips on how to talk to girls. First thing you must do is to get information about them. Start the whole thing by giving her some interesting stuff about yourself and ask her to do the same. Avoid dead end questions like “What are your hobbies?” and go for open ended ones like “I bet you have a lot of fun interests that keeps you busy during weekends”

When talking to a girl both offline and online, avoid the following:

1. Questions answerable by a yes or a no

2. Apologizing for asking a question

3. Hitting on her before you could even establish a bond

4. Express interest from the get go –again women dig men they can’t have. So put a price on yourself.

And then there’s the “Challenge and Push-Pull Method” that will not only put a smile on her face but turn her on as well—works all the time! If you want to read more about this method and other tips on how to talk to girls on Facebook, click here.

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