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A Crash Course on What to Talk about with Your Girlfriend on the Phone

What to Talk about with Your Girlfriend on the PhoneHere’s a thing.What to talk about with your girlfriend on the phone? This question must have been plaguing the minds of so many men who want to please their girlfriends in their phone conversations. Of course, this should go both ways and should also be an equally enjoyable experience for men as well. There are so many dos and don’ts when it comes to phone etiquette, especially this time when you talk to girls on the phone. It would be wise to get to know some of them as well as you go along educating yourself about what to talk about with your girlfriend over the telephone.

One thing to consider when picking topics to talk about with a girl on the phone is make sure that you are both interested on the topic that you will be talking about. Make sure that the topics are of interest to you both. If you have run out of such topics to talk about, focus more on finding a topic that is of interest to her rather than something that centers more on you. As you go on talking, listen to the thing that she says as much as you can, comment and ask her questions. These are ways of showing that you really care about the things that are on her mind.

Tips on What to Talk about with Your Girlfriend on the Phone

As she talks to you over the phone with all the good things to talk about with a girl, allow her to talk and explain her thoughts and ideas about it. As she does so, give your side of the story as well and share your own thoughts and ideas. However, if you feel that things are going too slow, start asking any questions to ask a girl. Anything will do from the kind of music that she likes, how she is doing in work, and other similar ones. Make sure that these questions to ask your girlfriend will not require much thinking anymore.

During those dull moments over the phone, you may sneak in an interesting story or anecdote just to break the ice. Ensure that you do not overdo it and get all the speaking time. Know that the biggest part that you will have to play in such telephone conversations is being the listener. To show that you have been effective in playing your role, restate her views on the matters on what to talk about with your friend on the phone. This is to prove that her point has been made. You may also tell your view on some things but make sure that you encourage her to share her own views as well.

More Tips on What to Talk about with Your Girlfriend on the Phone

The best things to talk about with a girl on the phone are those that exude a positive vibe. Whatever things you wish to talk about with your girlfriend, make sure that you speak of positive thoughts whether they are about the past, preset, and the future. One bad trait that you should not do is to be all-knowing. It is not only the girls who find such kind of attitude repulsive; men will also find such cocky attitude very unappealing.

These tips and things to talk with your girlfriend will come very handy during your phone conversations. Just as you do in face-to-face talks, properly interact with your girlfriend and show that you listen and care with every word that goes out of. Note that she should not only do all the talking. If you have the chance, or when she asks you for it, share your side of the story as well. The answer on what to talk about with your girlfriend on the phone should not really be a problem for as long as you ensure that both of you have a good time while conversing over the phone.

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What to Talk About on the Phone

Learn like a Pro: What to Talk About on the Phone

What to Talk About on the Phone

Okay, so you’re probably wondering about what to talk about on the phone with this amazing girl you met last night. What’s even more amazing is that she actually gave you her number, and now your hands are itching to pick up that phone and hear her voice.

The problem is you really don’t know what to say. You’re clueless as how to play this. You don’t have the slightest idea about how to make a phone conversation work, and finding out what to talk about on the phone is currently your biggest worry.

It’s always good to keep this in mind: while you might be stressing over what to talk about on the phone with this girl, your end goal should be getting her to meet up with you—not on Facebook, not on Skype—but face to face. Yes, buddy, you heard me right. The phone might be your baby step to real, non-virtual interaction with this girl.

Now, the distinct advantage that you have talking on the phone instead of texting, is that girls don’t tend to blow you off when you’re actually speaking with them. Text messaging can be very impersonal; that’s why they can be the perfect breakup tools because people don’t have to deal with the immediate emotional drama that ensues after. The opposite goes for phone calls. Girls are more careful about blowing a guy off on the phone, so unless he’s a jerk that’s really not worth their time, they are more likely to consider going out with you.

Remember, phone calls are good, but you want this girl to meet you face to face, and to do that, you need the proper tips on what to talk about on the phone.

One thing you should know when you’re picking up that phone to dial this girl, is that you want to make her aware of two very important things: one, your time is valuable, and two, you’re a valuable guy. Communicating that you are worth it is a major part of playing the phone call game right.

More Tips for You on What to Talk About on the Phone

When you are trying to set a date for a meeting, never mention times that you are free to go out. Statements like “I’m pretty much free whenever” convey that you’re not much in terms of social value. What girl would like to go out with a guy that does nothing but just sit around “whenever”? As an alternative, suggest two or three days out of the week that you are booked. “Oh, I can’t do Tuesday and Friday, I have appointments on those days” will work fine. Allow the girl to make the effort in trying to find a day where both your schedules fit.

Another thing that you might want to pay attention to when you’re figuring out what to talk about on the phone is that your background should also convey how important you are. A little music in the background, or a television that’s turned on should do fine. The point is not making it seem like you’re sitting by yourself in a quiet room, idly waiting for the phone to ring.

When you’re making conversation with this girl over the phone, remember that the duration of your interaction should not take too long. Ten minutes is the maximum time you should spend talking on the phone, otherwise, you’re in danger of falling into Phone Buddy category, and once you’re there, a girl will most likely disapprove of you two meeting up.

Include not only topics about the present (how your day went, what you’re doing), but also about the past and the future, though don’t talk about anything too heavy or personal. This usually makes much more impact on a girl, and will increase the chances of her wanting to meet you in person. When that happens, you’ll see that finding out what to talk about on the phone will have been worth every effort.

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