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How To Talk To Women

How To Talk To Women

how to talk to women

Guys are always asking me for good tips on how to flirt with girls in various situations, such as the best way to approach women at bars, or even how to talk to girls on the phone. The bottom line is, guys are always looking for an “edge” with girls… they want to learn things they can say to make women feel interested in them and “turned on.” But really, the first thing these guys need to study is what type of talk turns chicks OFF.

For example, one of the worst things you can do when talking to women is come off as a “needy” guy. Most men don’t realize that they are coming across “needy” when talking to a woman. But the women picks up on it quickly. It’s obvious to women when you are trying to impress them. And when a guy attempts to impress a girl during that first conversation, it has the opposite effect: it turns her off.

How To Talk To Women – Attraction Secrets

Coming across as an insecure guy is extremely unattractive. You can’t talk to women and seem like a nervous wreck and expect her to feel attraction towards you. Women are turned on by guys who are confident and sesure with themselves. If she senses that you don’t possess those traits she will quickly lose attraction towards you.

Women are turned off by guys who are “boring.” If you’re talking a woman you need to know how to keep the conversation fun. If you find yourself struggling to fill awkward silences, asking her boring and predictable “interview” questions (“So where are you from?” “What do you do for fun?” etc), it’s a safe bet that the girl you’re talking to is going to tune out pretty quickly.

Here’s another way that guys screw up when they talk to women: they don’t display any social intelligence. You’re probably wondering what “social intelligence” means, so let me explain. Women are social creatures. And they blindly follow the social “norms.” One of the fastest ways to make a girl think you are “below” her is to seem like you have no idea what is cool or socially acceptable. Guys display a lack of social intelligence when they make stupid or inappropriate comments, fail to read the “signals” the girl is sending him, or when they keep cracking jokes that no one (except for him) finds entertaining.

When you consider it realistically, you really can’t blame a woman for not wanting a weak, insecure, socially clueless, boring, or needy man. (You can flip it around and ask yourself, would YOU want to hook up with a girl who had those qualities?)

OK, now that we’ve covered the type of talk (and men) that turn women off, let’s move on and discuss…

What type of talk turns women on?

The main thing to keep in mind is that you want to talk to girls in a way that brings out their flirty, fun and playful side. The 1980s hit song “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” says it all. This holds true in any environment where women are hanging out socializing (bars, clubs, parties, etc). More than anything else, she’s there to have a good time. You must be able to flirt with a woman in a way that makes her feel like she is back on the playground with her childhood crush.

Women are creatures of emotions. When you talk to women, you need to be aware of their emotional state — and the state you want to PUT them in. Talk about topics that evoke an emotional response from her, and cause her to experience emotional memories. Don’t focus on anything sad or morose. I’m referring to topics such as her passions, hidden talents, the best vacation she ever went on, etc.

You need to display that you are a socially intelligent man. Women are insanely turned on by men they believe have power, status, and social approval. The good news is that you really don’t need to have power, status, etc. You just need to make her THINK you have these qualities, by talking to her in a way that conveys confidence and self-assuredness. You have to talk to her from a place of power, status, and SLIGHT superiority. It’s a rule of human nature: if a girl feels that you’re slightly above them on the social ladder, they’re going to want to “hitch their cart” to you and be a part of your world.

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Next, you must talk to girls in a way that brings out the “sexy side” of their personality. The fact is, you can be having the greatest conversation in the world about a topic like “health food” but it will rarely lead to attraction. To move out of the realm of “friendly conversation” and take it to a deeper, more intimate level, you’ll have to talk to her about more personal topics. This doesn’t mean you talk about sex… but it does mean that you don’t shy away from personal and intimate topics. These are the sort of topics that create rapport and have women start feeling a connection towards you.

Very few guys understand the dynamics of how to talk to women in a way that creates deep interest and attraction. The vast majority of men are flat-out boring, or convey so much insecurity that women want to get away from them as fast as possible.

I know this because I’ve coached hundreds of guys on how to get better with girls. I’ve seen how badly most of them “freeze up” when they have an opportunity to talk to a really hot girl. And if they don’t completely freeze up, they try to talk to her — but come across as needy, boring and insecure, which is a lethal combination.

You’ll notice that guys who are really good with women will LEAD the conversation in a fun, flirty and playful manner. She wants you to be able to make her laugh, smile, and feel safe and secure around you.

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In brief, the key to attracting a woman is to talk to her in a way that makes her feel fun, enjoyment and a sense of excitement when she’s around you — while slowly letting the sexual tension build. Then it’s about being dominant enough to go in for the kiss at the exact moment she is waiting to be kissed.

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Discover How To talk To Girls On The Phone

Discover How To talk To Girls On The Phone

how to talk to girls

The problem of how to talk to girls on the phone has plagued men since the invention of the telephone. A classic tale, I must say.

The issue for men of how to effectively talk to girls on the phone, online or in person is prevalent. And the sad thing is, there isn’t an easy solution to it. But dont fuss too much about it as I will give you tips on how to tackle this issue.

Do You Know How To Talk To Girls On The Phone

Mind Conditioning

Set your head straight first. Most men easily succumb to the pursuer status because they want to please girls.

Fact: Girls are attracted to men they can’t have. If you become the pursuer, she becomes the prize and not you. So if you want her under the sheets with you, do not play the role of pursuer.

Find a Reason

When calling, do not just say “Hi”, “What are you doing?”, “I can’t stop thinking of you”, “Can we talk?” as you are going to sound “needy”. Remember, YOU are the prize.

Be observant and know what she’s like. Is there something that is noticeable about her? Does she love books? Do you like the way she dresses up? Say something like:

“Hey it’s my sister’s birthday on Monday and she likes books just like you. What do you think should I get for her?”

“Hi, I think you’re the best person to talk about music. You see, I’m preparing a party for a friend of mine on Saturday and I would love to create a playlist for him. What do you think would be the perfect songs to include in my list?”

As a pointer, topics about cheating, and jealousy are effective conversation topics. One example is:

“I’m trying to help a friend out. What’s your opinion about men who still talk to their exes even if they already have a new girlfriend?”

It’s important that you don’t apologize for calling her. You’re a man of value and men who are confident and sure of their game never apologize for talk to girls rightnow. If you apologize, you would look desperate.

Know What to Say

If you haven’t formulated a good reason for calling her, don’t call or else you’ll sound like an over-eager man and hence, the pursuer.

It may be helpful to outline some topics you can talk about in case there’s a dead air in between your conversation. But if you listen and pay attention to what she’s saying, you will never run out of things to talk about. By listening intently, you will remember everything she’s talking about. If she’s talking about a book she is reading, ask her if it’s any good and what makes it good or bad. Also, it won’t hurt to say “yeah, haha and really” once in a while. Doing so would make her think you’re actually paying attention.

Always be Polite and Calm

Although these tips are clichés, doing otherwise can negatively affect your chance of getting to know her better. Regardless if you’ve memorized all the strategies about how to talk to girls online, taking these 2 tips for granted can still blow your chances of hooking up with her.

Knowing how to talk to girls on the phone shouldn’t be so hard as long as you’re equipped with the right information from the person who knows a lot about macking. For more information, click here.

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Do You Know How To Talk To Girls On Facebook

Do You Know How To Talk To Girls On Facebook


how to talk to girls

How to talk to girls on facebook can be a daunting task for some. What makes it hard, however, is the state of mind that you put yourself into prior to talking to a cute, nay, hot girl.

The State of Mind

Typically, men are burdened with the role of being the pursuer. They sometimes forget to key in the effect of value which can greatly influence the conversation skills.

The Pursuer

As the pursuer, it falls unto you to do whatever it takes to get the girl. Sorry to burst your bubble, but 95% of the time, this approach does not work at all. Why? The reason for this is a woman’s attraction to power and to men that seem difficult to get. So if I were you, I’d ditch the “pursuer” approach.

How to Talk to Girls on Facebook


Pick up lines are ok, but unless you have the gift of gab it can become more of a liability for you. Generally, ditch it. Dont burden yourself with how to talk to women. Rather, concentrate more on understanding the female psyche, and I’m pretty sure your odds will get better.

In how to talk  to girls on Facebook, you need to understand how to use neutral or flirt openers. As for me, I prefer using neutral openers.

Neutral openers require you to do the following:

1. Make an observation about her – say something about her profile picture, hair, clothes, etc.

2. Ask an opinion about something

3. Ask a question pertaining to the 2 mentioned above

What this approach does is make you less of a stalker and more of a person who just wants to befriend her. When using neutral openers, trivial questions often get the girl’s attention. Questions pertaining to relationships like cheating and jealousy are usually good picks.

Here are some examples of Neutral Openers:

“I really like that color/dress/necklace on you. I?d love to know where you bought it because I need to pick up a birthday gift for my friend Michelle. I bet she’d love something like that.”

“Hi, you look like someone I can get a good opinion from. Do you think I should tell my friend Pia that I saw his boyfriend cuddling with another girl? I know the guy since we’ve become friends also and I do think this is not something serious. But I feel really bad for Pia. I think she deserves to know but at the same time, I don’t want to be labeled as the guy who ruined their relationship.”

Flirt Openers may be used only when you’re sure of your game because this works best if you’ve established eye contact or some sense of connection through online chat.

Build Bonds First

If you want to meet girls and want to know what to say to girls using Facebook, then you must learn tips on how to talk to girls. First thing you must do is to get information about them. Start the whole thing by giving her some interesting stuff about yourself and ask her to do the same. Avoid dead end questions like “What are your hobbies?” and go for open ended ones like “I bet you have a lot of fun interests that keeps you busy during weekends”

When talking to a girl both offline and online, avoid the following:

1. Questions answerable by a yes or a no

2. Apologizing for asking a question

3. Hitting on her before you could even establish a bond

4. Express interest from the get go –again women dig men they can’t have. So put a price on yourself.

And then there’s the “Challenge and Push-Pull Method” that will not only put a smile on her face but turn her on as well—works all the time! If you want to read more about this method and other tips on how to talk to girls on Facebook, click here.

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How to Flirt With A Girl Over Text

How to Flirt with a Girl Over TextThe Basics of Knowing How to Flirt With A Girl Over Text

If you think it’s next to impossible to learn how to flirt with a girl over text, then I’m going to have to stop you right there. Even via a cellphone, supposedly hindered by lack of contextual clues, it’s possible to impress a girl with your ability to be innovative in your conversations and know what to text a girl you like..

When figuring out how to flirt with a girl over text, remember that it’s very likely that you’re not the only guy she handed her number to that night. Sure, that might dampen your excitement a little bit, but the challenge is to make yourself stand out among the twelve other guys who might have sent her the standard text message. Remember, being “standard” is not always what works, so here are several texting tips to help you master how to flirt with a girl over text.

First off, phone calls are always better than texting, simply because girls are less likely to turn down invitations for a date when you’re actually speaking to her. Try to make that your goal. Your text conversations should somehow lead to the possibility of her picking up her phone when you ring her up– so knowing how to talk with girls is a must.

Second, never forget that timing is everything. If she works during the night, (i.e. waitressing, late shifts at a call center) then don’t text her in the evenings, when she will most likely be busy, or in the early mornings, when you might just wake her up. Inconvenient times of the day will not set the mood for flirty texts, so make sure you know enough about her schedule to know when she might be up for fun texting exchanges.

How to Flirt With A Girl Over Text: Knowing about Ping Texts

One good way to determine this is by sending her ping texts. Ping texts are great ways to determine if a girl is currently too busy to answer your messages, because the absurd nature of the ping texts almost always compels her to reply.

For example, you might send her a “twin sister ping”: “Hi, do you have a twin sister?”

If she has the time to reply: “No, I don’t. Why do you ask?” chances are she’s probably not too busy at the moment. Take advantage of the creative direction that a ping text generates. Pick up on the conversation. You might say: “I was just heading down to the bookstore, and I could have sworn I passed a woman who looks just like you.” Girls usually love this kind of thing, and cannot resist taking the bait.

The great thing about ping texts is that, most of the time, the conversation can get especially interesting, and will most likely end in a phone call. When this happens, you already have something to talk about with her, and don’t wind up awkwardly stumbling over the first few seconds of conversation.

Once you’ve started to get the hang of ping texts in learning how to flirt with a girl over text, you might just want to try the other effective methods out there. Who knows, they might be helpful for you to know what to say to girls to make them talk.

The “situational observation text” allows a girl to take a little peek into the fun side of your life, without necessarily including her in it. A common mistake that most guys commit when learning how to flirt in text, is that they often seem “needy” when sending a “situational observation text”. You might say: “Hi, I’m at this amazing art exhibit. Just thought I’d take a break. How are you?” The girl’s thoughts will then run along the lines of: “If it’s so amazing, why didn’t he invite me?” This will prompt a swift answer, and might even result in the two of you making plans to visit the next exhibit together.

While a phone call might be the favorable choice, getting the hang of how to flirt with guys over textt, might just be the road to get you there.


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What to Say to Girls to Make Them Talk

What to Say to Girls to Make Them Talk

what to say to girls

What to say to girls, using the right words to get a girl’s attention is something that does not come naturally for most men. The truth is, there’s no perfect pick-up line formula that you can just purchase from a candy store or, to put it in a less dramatic light, read from a book. There however is a way for girls to respond to you by means of conversation.

What to Say to Girls at the Right Time and the Right Place

1. Establish a high social value.

A recent study found that women gravitate towards men who look powerful, hence of high social value. Thinking of the right word to say is not an issue. What you should focus on is on how to make your presence felt. You can do this by:

a. When entering a club, greet everyone you know

b. Make sure that you and your friends are having fun.

c. Interact with people within the club

Girls would see that you’re a social person and you’re a part of the “in” crowd. The outcome would be you having less trouble getting into her circle.

After a good deal of socialization, you are now ready to approach your target with these tips in mind:

2. Avoid close-ended questions such as:

– “Can I buy you a drink?”

– “Are you alone?”

Never ask a question answerable by yes or no. This line of questioning won’t get you anywhere since you won’t get any information about the girl’s personality. These are used and abused lines which make you look like you’re wearing an “I want to get inside your pants” sign on your forehead. This will do nothing to further your cause of not sleeping alone that night.

3. Let Her Talk

Remember that the more you can make her talk, the better. The Mack Tactics eBook is going to give you pointers on how to talk to a girl. use neutral openers. You can either make her respond to a question, ask her opinion about a certain subject or give a comment about herself. Reason is the vital element for this opener. You can do this by using the word “because”. For example:

“You really look good on that dress. Would you mind telling me where I could get that for my friend’s birthday this Sunday?”

Or you can go for something really simple like:

“Hey nice book! Was told its a good read. What’s it about?

You can also opt to use trivial questions like:

“Excuse me, but I need a female’s take on this. My friend’s girl cheated on him after he was caught cheating. If you were in my shoes, what advice would you give to my friend? I’m stumped.”

Second are flirt openers. These are quite simple lines but you have to have the confidence for you to do this. For example:

“I just had to say Hi because you really look awesome tonight”

Aside from being familiar with what words to say, you must take into consideration the following:

a. Make her feel that you won’t be around for long.

b. Avoid asking permission or apologizing because you tried to talk to her. Remember, men of high social value never apologize for talking to a girl. Doing so might lead the girl to think that you have a low self esteem.

Striking a conversation with girls is easy as long as you understand how they think and the right approach. A successful hook up only comes with you establishing a good rapport and knowing what to say and when to say it.

If you want to get a more detailed information about what to say to girls and how to nail the process of macking, be sure to read this macktactics ebook. …

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