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Things to Talk About with a Girlfriend: A Guide on Saying the Right Things

Things to Talk About with a GirlfriendLooking for the right things to talk about with a girlfriend can be a hard task for many boyfriends. The complexity of a woman’s mind can be very hard to decipher which makes it all the more hard to figure out the right things to talk about with your girlfriend. Of course, a girl on girl talk is no biggie. Most women can easily relate with each other and the talk can go on and on with no particular topic in mind. A boy on girl talk, though, can take a little effort. Here are some tips to start a conversation and give you a head start in chatting up the right things with your girlfriend.

Most men look up way too much on their gender and have been victims of gender biased thinking that have placed women second to women on a lot of things that require muscle and brains. Ditch this thought and acknowledge the fact that girls can compete with boys when it comes to such aspects. Contrary to popular belief, girl talk is not only about gossip and pop culture. Talk to her about the current events in politics today and allow her to give her opinions and views. Make sure that you know what you are talking about. Chances are she might take the erroneous things that you have said against you.

Tips on Things to Talk About with a Girlfriend

Do not try too hard and talk too much about anything that is too girly. Act too insensitive and emotional and you just might be perceived as effeminate. Stop talking too much about the hottest shoe trend or give your thoughts on the latest episode of Gossip Girl. Girls can sense that you really are not into these things and are only looking to impress. Rather, talk about these things on the male perspective. Such topics to talk about with a girl might not be of their best interest but they will surely appreciate your attempts and efforts in trying to relate with them.

Compliment a girl that has taken your interest. Make sure that it does not turn into flattery, though, as there is a thin line that separates it from the former. Compliment how shiny her hair is or how she looks good in the dress that she is wearing. Do not over do it as she might take it the wrong way. One tip on things to talk about with a girlfriend is to stay away from sports talk. Unless she really is into you, she could only care less about such topics. Talking about current events is acceptable. Just do not go into the whole talk of pro feminism – just be neutral.

More Tips on Things to Talk About with a Girlfriend

Women love phone conversations. There is something very romantic about it that they just could not seem to put a finger on. Boys have a very big advantage when they have phone conversations with their girlfriends. They do not need to be too attentive as they would be in person and you can say romantic things without the fear of looking like a sissy. This is an opportune time for boys to fully express themselves as they can say practically anything that they wish to say.

This is merely the tip of the iceberg. Trying to fathom everything is nearly impossible as the working of a girl’s mind is quite complex as it is. Keep in mind that girls are sensitive enough to sense that a guy is already making an effort. Rest assured that that such effort is highly appreciated and has been duly noted for. Try to keep things uncomplicated and note that picking the right things to talk about with a girlfriend does not have to be rocket science.

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What to Talk About with Your Girlfriend

What To Talk about with Your GirlfriendThe question on what to talk about with your girlfriend is only properly answered by a few. Note that communication is very important in every relationship and each of you should find ways to at least have some time together and talk about sensible (or even non-sensible) things with each other. If both of you have an open communication with each other; then you are more likely to know and better understand each other’s goals and fears. Steer your topics to according to your girlfriend’s interests so that you can allow her to open up. Have a mental list of good things to talk about with a girl, and get a girl to keep the conversation going.

If you are going out with a girl who is shy; you might encounter some difficulty is getting her to open up and get to know her a little better and deeper. This might place a toll on both of you early on the relationship. Spark a lively conversation by allowing her to talk about her interests. You are bound to have some idea on what she is into. Do a little research and educate your self on what these are. This way, you are not left dumbfounded on the things that she will be talking about. Give an opening talk about the things that interest her most. Allow this to serve as the “on” switch to get her to start talking about it.

Things to Know on What to Talk About with Your Girlfriend

Another one of the many interesting things that you can talk about with your girlfriend is the future. This may be a very tricky and risky topic but if you feel that you have progressed well on your relationship and are ready to take the next step; then feel free to talk about future plans with your girlfriend. These can include maybe moving in together or getting married. Ask her where she would want to live and what her future plans on her career are. Her answers to these questions to ask a girl will highly determine how the relationship will fan out in the long run.

If you did not grow up with your girlfriend (which is quite common among relationships), then there is a big chance that you do know much about her family and friends. Show her that you take interest in those people that are important to her by using her friends and family as the topic on questions to ask your girlfriend. Ask her to give brief details about her family members but be careful that this does not turn into prying. Also ask about her friends that you still are not acquainted yet.

More To Know on What to Talk About with Your Girlfriend

What to talk about with your girlfriend does not have to be very serious all the time. From time to time, talk about light hearted topics such as today’s most popular songs or current movies. Also share jokes and anecdotes to each other. If you are out on a date, talk about how her day was and also say something about how yours went. You can even vent out frustrations and celebrate successes together as a couple.

Catching up with your girlfriend is a very good way to keep the relationship strong and going. There are couples who barely find the time to see each other but for as long as they are able to open up themselves and talk about the things that are currently going on with their lives; then they are still able to keep the spark of their relationship alive. Make sure that the topics on what to talk about with your girlfriend are both meaningful and significant to each other.

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Things To Talk About With A Girl

Things To Talk About With A Girl – Conversation Tips

things to talk about with a girl

Things To Talk About With A Girl

Whether you’re chatting with a girl for the first time or taking her out on a second or third date, you always want to have things to talk about with a girl. Being a strong conversationalist is, in fact, one of the most attractive qualities you can possess. The good news is that even if you’re naturally shy or a quiet type of guy, you can learn some basic techniques to keep the conversation flowing…and more importantly, to use this conversation to build up her interest and attraction.

Listen to a typical conversation at a bar between a guy and a girl he just met, and it’s usually obvious he doesn’t know things to talk about with a girl. Instead, you’ll hear him ask a bunch of predictable questions, such as…

“What’s your name?”

“Can I buy you a drink?”

“So what do you do for work?”

“Are you from around here?”

“What do you like to do for fun?”

“What kind of music do you like?”

And so on. He tries to keep the conversation alive by asking questions, and if she keeps answering them, he thinks he’s making progress.

Until she starts looking around the bar, getting restless…and the guy can sense that he’s running out of time, so he asks for her phone number. She replies that she has a boyfriend (even though she probably doesn’t), and it’s GAME OVER. Another one bites the dust.

He retreats with his tail between his legs, and soon the next guy will take a shot. He offers to buy her a drink, asks her about her job, and the cycle repeats…

So why doesn’t that conversational strategy (or lack of strategy) work? Well, there are a few reasons, and in my next post I’m going to explain why this approach is a recipe for failure. Before I give you some great things to talk about with a girl, I want to make sure you don’t go down the wrong track with your conversations…

Wrong Things To Talk About With A Girl:

Don’t brag about your sexual prowess, not even in jest. Don’t mention how good you are in bed, how well endowed you are, or how long your tongue is. Flirtatious sexual talk can be cool once you’ve gotten to know her. Coming from a stranger, the only future she’s going to imagine with a guy like that involves a restraining order.

Don’t make jokes about how you’re not a psycho; they only turn her thoughts towards negative possibilities. A classic example is the guy offering a girl a ride home and telling her, “Don’t worry, I’m not an axe murderer.” We actually heard one guy say, while asking a girl out on a date, “I promise I won’t kill you and dump your body in the woods.” Needless to say, she wasn’t available that weekend—or any weekend for the rest of her life.

Don’t tell her she looks like a celebrity. Women are very particular about how they want men to perceive them. There is a chance she won’t flattered by the comparison. If she does look like someone famous, she probably hears this all the time and is sick of it. Women want to be appreciated for who they are, not because they remind you of someone else.

Don’t mention your ex, not even in the context of an innocent comment (i.e. “You were in Vegas recently? Me and my ex went there once on vacation.”) It makes you sound like you haven’t been able to let go of her. More importantly, you want this girl to focus on what a future with you would be like. Exes have no place in the present conversation.

Don’t complain—not about your boss, the jackass you had to deal with at work, how boring this party is, etc. Stay positive. If you’ve got a sarcastic sense of humor, dial it down. This might not be your favorite spot, but don’t try to act “above” it. Remember the Mack Commandment: wherever you’re at is the place to be. If she complains about the bar being lame, you can say, “Yeah, but you and me are here to have fun—so that’s what we’re going to do.”

Look out for my next post, in which I’ll break down the best things to talk about with a girl. Once you learn this material, you’ll never be at a loss for things to talk about with a girl, and more importantly you will use conversation as a tool to build up her curiosity, interest and attraction!

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