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Funny Lines To Help You Get You Girls

Funny Lines To Help You Get You Girls


funny pick up lines

If you have been eyeing the girl by the bar for some time now and you still haven’t made a move, it’s high time you do so! How do you do this? Through side-splitting pick up lines, of course! Using funny pick up lines is one of the best ways to get a girl. In this sense, the girl of your dreams who has been sitting at the bar! So, read on and gain useful tips on how to catch your girl hook, line and sinker. Knowing the best way to catch the eye and attention of the girl you want is really important.

So, what are some tips to use in getting a girl you have been stealing glances from? The first thing you need to do is to know when a pick up line is overused and is simply clichéd. Girls can tell when you are trying hard to be funny just to get her to say yes. Also, a girl who is experienced in the dating game can tell that you are following a certain order in asking her out. This could be a big turn-off for the girl. When she is turned off, you could also end up being turned down, which is not what you want.

Using Funny Lines is a Great Way to Get a Girl


funny pick up lines

The next step in using funny lines as one of the top ways to get a girl is by surprising her with your confidence. Sounding too timid or too mechanical will never do. If you follow a certain “script”, the girl might think that you have everything memorized just so she will say yes to any invitation from you. Also, it is not helpful to be nervous and ill-at-ease as girls can tell when you are really desperate to clinch the date. Thus, you should be funny yet at the same time, ooze confidence in yourself.

Keeping the conversation alive and interesting is also one of the ways to get a girl. Girls get bored with uninspired conversations. Thus, you have to keep your conversations fast-paced yet interesting. One way of keeping the conversation interesting for the girl is by saying something about any jewelry or clothing piece that she is wearing. Don’t just aim to get as many answers from the girl as you can. You have to include her in the conversation by making her want to ask you questions, too. Girls take a liking to guys who have the knack to amuse and entertain them.

A tried and tested method which is also one of the best ways to get a girl is to pull her towards you through your magnetic words. Women, though unconsciously, are captivated by men who are great with words. The ability to strike up a conversation with a girl and to keep her interested with small talk is a great tactic for you to get a girl. How do you do this? Be ready to flirt. Be ready to tease. When you are able to do this, for sure the lady you are interested in will also become interested in you because she is starting to feel attracted to you.

In a nutshell, you have to exert extra effort and practice saying funny or witty lines as they are effective ways to get a girl. Women subconsciously get seduced by intelligent or funny pick up lines. Sure, there are women who do get turned off by them but those who do get discouraged because the lines are said wrongly or the guy who said it was just obviously desperate to get the girl. So, to avoid being rebuffed by the girl you like, be funny but don’t try too hard. Just keep practicing and you will get the hang of it.

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Dirty Pick Up Lines for Girls in a Bar

Dirty Pick Up Lines for GirlsMost likely, men have spent half of their lives trying to use dirty pick up lines for girls so that they will find women being sexually aroused by them. So, if I were you, I will try my best study the magic of properly delivering pick up lines to get ahead from the men in the dating world. Social personas, in other words, super-ego, are present in everybody. It is your default personality to use when speaking to people in general. It is the inner self that you should concentrate on developing.

There are two things that you must differentiate to help you with using dirty pick up lines for girls. Affection happens when you are spend a long time with someone just being casual and friendly but it does not necessarily turn it into an exciting relationship. On the other hand, you cannot choose when you will be attracted to someone since it is buried in your deep subconscious that you cannot control. A lot of men go through their lives not practicing to communicate through their inner self, where all your desires are stored. It is through your inner self that you are able to successfully attract any girl.

To use dirty pick up lines for girls efficiently, I suggest you spark attraction between you and the girl. Openers are statements that help you open up a conversation to a girl. When you see a girl all alone, walk up to her and use the Mischievous Girl opener by asking her what she is doing all along looking mysterious. Most likely, the girl would smile and you tell her that she looks like she did something bad and got away. Use neutral openers to start off as someone casual and flirt openers if you want to immediately tell the woman that you are sexually interested.

You could also use dirty pick up lines for girls so that you could establish sexual tension. Try being a cocky and confident while you deliver your lines. Sexual misinterpretation is when you assume that everything the girl is saying, even if it is really ordinary, implies that she wants to see you in bed. Tease her a lot and maybe even act as if you do could only treat her as a sister. When you make it hard for her, she will think that you are someone with a high social value.

Another way to deliver dirty pick up lines for girls is to amplify the attraction. Always remember that attraction is not an option but something instant. Try being all relaxed and confidently comfortable whenever you are in front of a girl. Lean backwards while sitting down if you do not want to hand power to the person in front of you. Avoid looking so nervous by walking slowly. Eye contact should be constant since it is known that the longer the eye contact, the deeper the intimacy.

Being comfortable is the key to be successful in the dating scene. Avoid rushing things by moving on to the next step when you know the girl is still not ready. Communicate everything you feel so that you can use your inner self effectively. Never forget to concentrate on attracting women, and the things that could attract her,  rather than affection so you could use your dirty pick up lines for girls well.

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Why Do Funny Pick Up Lines for Girls Fail?

Why Do Funny Pick Up Lines for Girls Fail?


funny pick up lines

Do you find yourself listing down funny pick up lines for girls? You should ask yourself if it would also work for you.

However, I’m not saying that funny pick up lines for girls do not completely work. Keep in mind that not all men are gifted with the ability to make people laugh.

Funny Pick Up Lines for Girls

Because of this, I have formulated some effective alternatives to funny pick up lines for girls. I wrote a book that details all the things you need to know when it comes to macking or dating women. Here is a brief overview of what you will learn from my book.

Analyze Women

Truth of the matter is, women are complex creatures. No funny pick up lines for girls will work on women unless you know how to read cues. The first thing that you need to learn is that women want what they can’t have. And women love men who has a sense of control, power and social value. I’ve included detailed explanations about this in my Mack Tactics eBook.

Show Social Value

In the previous paragraph I mentioned that women love men who emanate authority. Therefore, until you’ve demonstrated social value, don’t go dropping funny pick up lines for girls that you’ve memorized. Read some tips on how you can establish social value:

Let’s say you’re in a bar, be nice and say hi to everyone you know and this includes the waiters and bartenders you know. Talk to them and make sure that everybody in your circle is enjoying your company. Women will notice that you’re really sociable and a cool guy to be with. Through this, she won’t freak out when you approach her. Understand that women like it when a man, whom everybody likes, approach them.

Neutral Openers

Neutral openers work all the time because it allow women to talk instead of being repelled by funny pick up lines that either contain sexual innuendos or are downright corny. Girls respond more to men who ask questions related to their interests. For you to create a neutral opener, you have to observe a girl first. What is she currently doing? Take notice of how she looks. Read an example of a neutral opener:

“You girls look like experts…let me ask you a quick question. How long do you need to be dating a guy before you change the status on your Facebook page from “single” to “in a relationship?” Because my friend Jen has been with a guy for about a month, and his Facebook page still says “single”…and she’s not sure whether she should say something about it.”

Women love to answer questions related to relationships, dating and cheating.

Flirt Openers

Flirt openers are a bit tricky and should only be used when you already have confidence with your game. Read an example of a flirt opener:

“You have a great sense of style—I have to tell you, you look amazing tonight.”

This only works if you’re confident in your game.

Funny pick up lines for girls rarely work unless you’re a natural comedian. If you want to know more neutral and flirt openers that you can use on women…

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Alternatives to Funny Pick Up Lines

Alternatives to Funny Pick Up Lines


funny pick up lines

Majority of men use funny pick up lines to get the hottest woman in the crowd. Sorry to rain on your parade but it takes more than just knowing the lines. If you want to pull this off, you must do it at the right time. Is there a way to learn these?

Perhaps you can. Most of the time funny guys and natural chick-magnet can get away with using funny pick up lines but for regular Joes like us, it may take a while. On the other hand, even if we successfully use pick up lines, it cannot sustain conversations. What men need to do to conquer women is learn tricks on how to open women up and sustain fun conversations that would attract and make them yearn for us more.

In my book, I talked about stuff I learned about women. Attracting women takes more than guts, looks and charm. I’ve devised some tactics based on the seemingly complex psychology of women and how they react to their surroundings.

We have Neutral openers that are better alternatives to funny pick up lines. Neutral openers will help you have longer and more fun conversation. Secondly, using neutral openers means you’re not there to get into her pants (yet). Neutral openers aim to help you start a fun and interesting conversation with women and eventually help you attract her. If you don’t know yet, women love subtle hints of interest. You need to build up her excitement and slowly increase her attraction towards you.

Learn Other Alternatives to Funny Pick Up Lines

Flirt Openers are just like your typical funny pick up lines. On the other hand, you don’t use flirt openers unless you’re sure of your macking skills. Also, you need to know how to follow it up with other topics to continue the conversation and attract her.

The Importance of Conveying Social Value – many men assumes that approaching a girl and telling her funny pick up lines is enough to get her into their bed. What they don’t know is that women put a high premium on how men talk to people and how people respond to them. Thus, before you talk to a girl, make the time to show her that you are someone they can be comfortable with by how the people respond to you. Make sure that you make her realize that you’re well liked and you’re somebody she can be comfortable with. This will decrease your chances of being rejected and increase your chances of talking to her. In fact, since you’ve established that you’re a prize to be had, a lot of women won’t mind if you start talking to them. By then, you don’t have to burn out brain fats or try so hard to impress her. Trust me, you’ve already impressed her.

Now I’m not saying that funny pick up lines don’t work. What I’m saying is that it takes more than just funny pick up lines to attract and turn on women. If you want to improve your macking skills…


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Learn Why Your Pick Up Line Does Not Work

Learn Why Your Pick Up Line Does Not Work


pick up line

Most men believe that using a pick up line would help them bag a girl and get her laid. My reply to that would be; “The use of pick up line is like betting on the lottery. Yes, someone will win and yes, the winner may not be you. To be honest, using a pick up line is not a surefire way to get into the girl’s pants.

What is the Reason?

Have you heard of the famous phrase, “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus?” It means that each gender have different views about things. Take this example.

After sex, men would look for the remote and watch TV, while women prefer to cuddle and talk.

Basing on that example alone I think that I have made it clear that men and women are divided when it comes to how they interact with their surroundings. Now if we go back to the macking game, it is but logical that each species would operate differently.

If you want to understand how to bag a hot chick every weekend, read on. The first step to becoming a mack daddy is:

How to Make a Pick Up Line Work

Conveying Social Value

Girls are attracted to men who exude power and influence. However, even regular Joe’s can bag the hottest chick in the bar. I’m not implying that you need to be the head of a multimillion dollar company. You should learn how to make a girl think that everybody likes and wants your company. This will show the ladies that you have a “friendly” disposition and you’re someone who is part of a huge social circle.

Be Confident When You Approach and Converse with Her

When approaching a girl, exude confidence. But be careful not to overdo it as you might come out as a douche. Use neutral openers to start a conversation. Neutral openers are conversation lines that is formed through observation. A good example is, “The color of your dress compliments you. I’d love to know where you bought it because I need to pick up a birthday gift for my friend Jen. I am very sure she would love to wear something like that”. As you’ve noticed, you actually just gave her a compliment and she will appreciate this. Get the point?

Unless you are Brad Pitt, getting a hot chick into bed requires the right approach, timing, and suave. There are a lot of things that you still need to know. But no worries, I won’t be leaving you high and dry.

If you want to learn the tricks of the trade and effective pick up line to use on girls


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The Concept Behind Great Pick Up Lines

The Concept Behind Great Pick Up Lines

great pick up lines

The use of great pick up lines in trying to get girls is something that every guy has done at least once. I’m pretty sure that you have many stories to tell about them. With all things said, have you ever stopped to think as to why men love using them? Do they still work?

The Guide To Great Pick Up Lines

Here are some examples of commonly-used pick up lines:

“Am I dead, Angel? Cause this must be heaven!”

“You must be in a wrong place – the Miss Universe contest is over there.”

“Are you a magnet, because I’m so attracted to you… “

Great pick up lines can be a lethal weapon for someone who knows how to correctly use it. The good thing is that it doesn’t not involve much brain work. If you can get away with it, why not use it right?

The problem is, not all men can get away with it. Majority of men have this idea that the use of pick up lines makes them sound witty and intelligent. But women nowadays have gotten sick and tired of hearing the same lame lines over and over again. It sounds rehearsed and insincere.

Even if you come up with a great pick up line, chances are that women would still think of it as cheap and ordinary. And at times, all it does is send her the signal that you are desperate in getting her to bed. In attracting a girl, you need to plan your approach.

Another way of attracting women is for you to communicate your value, confidence and authenticity. If they perceive you as someone they can rely on and someone who stands out and delivers when a situation arises, hooking up with them becomes easier. Women like the idea of being with a man they can talk to and not with a man who would just stay for a night and leave before the chicken crows. This is the kind of impression you need to communicate to them and using great pick up lines defeat the whole purpose.

If you are worried about what to say to her, take a few minutes to chill and observe her. What is she wearing? What kind of book is she reading? Do you like the way she ties her hair? Gather information that you can use to create good conversation openers. For example:

“I really like that color/dress/necklace on you. I’d love to know where you bought it because I need to pick up a birthday gift for my friend Jen. I bet she’d love something like that.”

Other openers that work are topics about relationships. For example:

“You girls look like experts…let me ask you a quick question. How long do you need to be dating a guy before you change the status on your Facebook page from “single” to “in a relationship”? Because my friend Jen has been with a guy for about a month, and his Facebook page still says “single”…and she’s not sure whether she should say something about it.”

Unlike pick up lines, these openers provide a good reason as to why you’re approaching her. Also, this is a good excuse in giving her a compliment.

But never follow up an opener with flirting. It must be delivered in an offhanded manner, making it sound more sincere and natural.

I am not completely discounting the capacity of pick up lines to work. All im saying is that unless you were born with the charm of a baby Panda, then using a pick up line won’t always work.

If you want to learn how to come up with great opening lines, then I suggest you click this link.

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Why You Should Not Use Romantic Pick Up Lines

Why You Should Not Use Romantic Pick Up Lines

romantic pick up lines

Do romantic pick up lines work? If there’s one thing Shakespeare is famous for, it’s not about how he created Romeo and Juliet but on how he romanticizes the story. If you think about it, romance has always been the key element in a story for it to survived the test of time. Unless you are Shakespeare, then trying to sweep a girl of her feet with romantic pick up lines won’t work all the time.

They keyword there is “may not always work”. If you think that your macking skills is not that effective, then using pick up lines will definitely won’t get you laid, much more get you a girl friend. A pick up line that worked for another person may not work wonders for you. Unlike men, women if are not easily turned on, even if you have a huge package. It takes a lot more than just showing of your burgeoning masculinity or flexing your biceps.


Do You Use Romantic Pick Up Lines

As for guys who have limited or low macking skills, their success rate when using romantic pick up lines is really low compared to those who understands the whole concept of macking. Common romantic pick up lines:

“Can you give me directions to your heart? I’ve seemed to have lost myself in your eyes.”

“If beauty were time, you’d be eternity.”

“I’m new here in town and I keep getting lost … in your eyes.”

Here’s a tip: If you do want to be cheesy and use romantic pick up lines, do so in a joking manner. Coming up to a girl using romantic lines won’t work, nor would it do wonders for your image. This is not how it works.

Here’s another tip: Women are attracted to men with power and high social value. They want to be with a man whom people respect and like. So unless you are considered by most as “cool”, try to keep away from using romantic pick up lines as it can do more harm than good to your image.

If you’re wondering if you can achieve a certain degree of coolness and hopefully manipulate how women perceive you, the answer is yes. There are many ways for women to see you as someone worth their time. You don’t have to be Brad Pitt to snatch a hot girl.

How to Establish Value

Tip 1: In a bar, look for people or groups that you know and talk to them.

The Eye Contact

Tip 2: Before approaching a girl, make sure to first establish eye contact with her. This will help you gauge your chances of establishing a conversation that will hopefully lead to a steamy bed action.

Finding a Reason

Tip 3: Observe her actions so that can formulate a reason as to why you approached her. Quick note, no romantic pick up lines involved.

Become the Prize

Top 4: Keep the initial conversation short and sweet. Establish that you are just passing through and that the conversation youre having now is just you being friendly. Women want to be noticed, but not too much as they would think of the guy as being desperate. Play the role of a prize compared to that of a pursuer.

There are methods on how to correctly use romantic pick up lines. The idea is to use it as an ice breaker and a subtle flirting tool.

If you want to understand how to turn a romantic pick up line into something that could get you laid, then click this link.

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Effective Pick Up Lines

Effective Pick Up Lines

funny pick up lines

Do you use pick up lines when you flirt? Having several pick up lines ready is good as you dont really know if the opportunity to use them arises. Girls dig guys who have a good sense of humor…well maybe.

Yup, to be safe, I ended it with a maybe. These pick up lines may not elicit bouts of giggles unless you do it right.

Actually theres more to a pick up line aside from simply delivering it. You can’t be too stiff, too serious or worse, stutter as you drop the seemingly well-rehearsed pick-up line and simultaneously ogling at her breasts. Might as well give up if thats the case.

The key to delivering funny pick up lines successfully is confidence. Relax, and just enjoy the whole thing. Its not as if your world is going to end if you get rejected. And don’t forget to ALWAYS maintain eye contact and adapt a cheerful and playful tone since your pick up line is supposed to be funny and she’s supposed to giggle, if not laugh. With all thing said, let me give you three examples:

1. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?

2. I appreciate the attention, but I’m not just a piece of meat *wink*

3. Screw me if I’m wrong, but haven’t we met before?

Now seriously, I do think these pick up lines are hilarious but depending on the receiver, it can be cheesy and repulsive at the same time. Always remember though that the important thing is how you deliver it. I do have some friends who use the most retarded pick up lines to date and still end up nailing it. How do they do it?

Presentation and demeanor. They usually do it with a “I’m just playing/joking with you” look. So the girl ends up laughing and they score!

Now if you search the internet, you may find more funny pick up lines out there that sound funny in print but will not come out right in real life. You may want to tweak it a bit so it would sound more natural and not forced. For example:

“I own a rocket. First stop your moons, then Uranus!”

Uh, lucky you if you can dodge a series of slap, Bruce Lee style. Moral of the story, yes, you can approach a woman and tell her you have a rocket and you can have fun with it but not with just any woman. Only use those type of lines if you are certain that the girl is into you. Here’s a better version: If she’s been staring at you all night just walk right up to her and say, “Hey, if you want to come over to my place so much just say it, no need to beat around the bush”.

make certain that the girl is aware that you are just messing around… well at least make her think that way. Point is, it’s supposed to be a joke, should be funny, but somewhere along the line, there’s some truth to it without you actually forcing it on her.

To close, humorous pick up lines does work most of the time. It always depends on how you say it, how you present yourself and how interested the girl is with you to begin with. However, if you find yourself using funny pick up lines to no avail, you may need a little help from the experts.

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Real Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls

Real Pick Up Lines To Use On Girls

pick up lines

So you’re itching to know, what are the best pick up lines to use on girls? Well to begin with, we’ve all heard the absurd pick up lines that don’t work…

Lame Pick Up Lines For Girls – A Few Examples

“Hey, you have any Italian in you? Well do you want some?”


“I hope you know CPR, because you are taking my breath away.”

And here are a few other terrible pick up lines for girls which are sure to turn her off…

“You owe me a beer, baby. [Why?] Because I dropped mine the instant I saw you.”

“Hello, can I borrow a quarter? [What for?] I need to call my mother and tell her I just met the woman of my dreams.”

“Hey, can I borrow a map? Because I keep getting lost in your eyes.”

“Tell me, are you a religious person? Because you’re the answer to my prayers.”

“Hi, I’m new in town…so can you give me directions to your place?”

“If I followed you home, would you keep me?”

“Hey, is there an airport nearby or is that just my heart taking off?”

“I was so distracted by your beauty that I smacked into that wall over there…I’m going to need your name and number for insurance purposes.”

Here are several other stupid pick up lines for girls that I do NOT recommend you use…

“Wouldn’t you and I look cute on a wedding cake together?”

“Excuse me miss, do you know kung fu? Because your body is seriously kickin’.”

“Baby, you’re so sweet you are giving me a toothache.”

OK, now let’s discuss pickup lines that actually CAN help you score with women.

The “Secret” To Effectively Using Pick Up Lines For Girls

If you want a pick up line to sincerely work, it should be one of 2 things:

1) It should make her laugh


2) The pick up line will make her think (something like an opinion pickup line)

If your pick up line doesn’t accomplish one of those two things, there’s a very good chance the girl is just going to ignore you.

But the good news is that it isn’t difficult to make a girl think or laugh, especially if you use one of these (much more effective) pick up lines for girls…

Pick Up Lines For Girls That Truly Work

“Hi, let me get your opinion real quick…who do you think lies more, women or men? My friend says men but I think it’s women hands down.”

(Girls love to share their opinions on this subject. Any “opinion opener” involving male-female relationships, cheating, jealous boyfriend or girlfriends, etc usually works like a charm…)

“Hey, I was speaking with my friend the other day about astrology, and I want to get a woman’s opinion…do you really think a person’s astrology sign can tell you about their personality, or do you just think it’s all a load of B.S.?”

(You can follow up this question with, “So what’s your sign?”

Here’s the confident and clever way to play it: when she tells you her sign, tell her that she is totally NOT compatible with your sign! Smile and say, “you and me could NEVER date each other. We’re I’m sorry, but we’re totally incompatible.” Etc. This type of cocky humor is the stuff that women LOVE!

You can also use your surroundings (and the people around you) to come up with some witty pick up lines for girls…

“So tell me honestly, who do you think wears more makeup? Gene Simmons, or that waitress over there?”

“Hi, I’m thinking of going to the salon today and getting a new hair style. If you could pick any guys haircut around here, which one would you recommend? And it can’t be that guy over there with the bowl cut…be nice.”

The key thing when approaching a woman is not to look like you want something from her, but rather you want to look like you’re talking to her because you’re bored and couldn’t think of anything better to do at that moment.

So approach from the side casually, with confidence (not head on), and act like she’s someone you just want to share a joke or a conversation with. When you make this type of casual, laidback approach, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how receptive most girls are.

If you want pickup lines to work for you, the best thing you can do is commit a few good ones to memory, each with a few prepared responses to follow up with depending on her answer, and practice them before you go out. So for starters, memorize a few lines and responses, and as you gain some experience and get more comfortable using pick up lines for girls, you can come up with your own.

Bear in mind, the “follow up” is just as important (perhaps even more important) than the pick up line you use straight away. As long as your opener is interesting and achieves one of the two goals I mentioned above (it makes her laugh, or makes her think), following up and engaging her in a conversation shouldn’t be tough at all.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading about these pick up lines to use on girls. Now let me show you a really cool system that I use to “open” the conversation with a girl, get her to feel FAST attraction, and walk away with her phone number and email address in less than 2 minutes. Click here to check it out.

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