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Dealing with Various Types of Women: A How to Talk to Girls Book

How to talk to girls bookA how to talk to girls book should provide you with everything that you need to know when it comes to conversing with girls and seducing them. Aside from containing tips and tricks to do so, it should also provide you with the types of girls that you will be dealing with. Each of them has unique attributes that needed unique tips to get a girl you really like.

One of the most common personalities that you are bound to encounter in you dating life are the intellectual girls. These are the ones who will always find something to discuss about all the time. They over analyze everything, takes a very long time to make up her mind, and despises nonsense talk. Battle an intelligent woman by stimulating her wits. Talk about intelligent topics to talk about with a girl. This will turn on her brain on followed by her body. If you are not the sharp-witted kind of guy, trick her into thinking that you are by getting her to initiate the topic then just ask her questions along the way.

Tips on How to Talk to Girls Book

Another personality that you will have to deal with hare the sluts. Their name says it all: they want sex merely for pleasure and are mostly the easiest ones to get. Getting your way with them can be easier than all the other types. However, note that you should still go through the process of getting to know her then building some sort of rapport. However, watch out for those girls that are too easy to get. They might just unpredictable drop you like a hot potato and leave you bleeding with a broken heart in the end.

One brain wrecker of a personality is the tease. At one moment, you are ipgetting the signal that they are into then the next instant, they are not. If you are currently seeing a girl that you could no put your finger on, then she just might be a tease. These women are mostly just looking for some sort of validation on their low self-esteem. They do not care that they confuse or hurt anyone in the process. Instead of looking for ways to get to her, you might as well just drop her. There is no sense in seducing someone who does not want to be seduced anyway, even if you follow the how to talk to girls book to a T.

More Tips on How to Talk to Girls Book

The goddesses are those women that men will willingly build a shrine for. They have a beautiful face and a perfect body. Of course, they are super high maintenance. They key to unlocking this women is to tease her. Never allow yourself to be hypnotized by her blinding beauty; this is what they have been doing to guys all along. Most importantly, never give her complements. They have become too used to receiving them that they already do not care. If she asks for complements and praises, tease her with such possibility but never really give in.

Dealing with all these types of girls should have given you a headache by now. However, these might not even have comprised half of them. Keep in mind that girls are just as complex as they are and completely figuring them out can be highly impossible. Know that everything will depend on your moves and strategies. You might hold a how to talk to girls book that will give you the right approaches for each type but keep in mind that it is not guaranteed to work 100%.

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