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How to Sweet Talk a Girl and Score a Date Tonight

how to sweet talk a girlThe art of how to sweet talk a girl is easier said than done. When compared to talking through text or chat, there are so many things that you will have to take into consideration. Among all these considerations, the most important thing about ways on how to talk to a girl, would have to be body language. The key to delivering sweet things to talk about with a girl successfully is to always appear cool and relaxed. When you are, they will easily be drawn to you. Note that you should not only show it; you should also think it. Girls have this innate radar where they can tell that your appearance does not match your actual level of confidence. In the end, this will only make you appear a fake.

Aside from delivering your lines with the right confidence and attitude, you should also take into consideration place and situation. Asking “Did you have a nice day?” when she is obviously distraught could be viewed as pure sarcasm, even if this was not your intention. Further, saying “You look fine” when it is apparent that she is not is already more of an insult. This is not good. Therefore, before you open your mouth and say something “sweet”, you have to quickly grasp the entire situation first. Here are some of the most effective sweet lines to say to a girl.

Tips on How to Sweet Talk a Girl

The best sweet lines are those that will complement her. No matter how they deny it, girls spend so much time making their selves look good. There is nothing that they would want to hear more than to know that their efforts to do so are appreciated. Simply saying “You look amazing” or “What you are wearing suits you” should be enough to make her day. There is no need to go into the details of her entire look. One reminder, though, is to carefully pick out those aspects of her that you want to compliment. You would not want to give the impression that you are checking her out.

Inquire about how her day went. This will not only send her the message that you are being sweet; this is also a way of showing concern and interest. Ask “How was your day?” or “Did you have fun in your lunch date with your girlfriends?” are very good ones to come up with. These are some of the most harmless words to say on how to sweet talk a girl. If she says that her day did not go quite well, you can offer your time to be with her and listen to her rant about her day. Show that you care by telling her reassuring words.

More about How to Sweet Talk a Girl

As you part ways, tell her how you appreciate the time that you have spent together as well as the words that you have exchanged. Tell her “I would love to see you again” to end a great date or hangout. She will no longer have to wonder if you are going to see each other again since you have already hinted that you would want to see her again. The line “I had a great time with you” would also be simple enough to let her know that everything went well.

Remember that there is a big difference with these lines and that with pick-up lines. The latter makes use of smooth words that may not always be appealing to all girls. Sweet words, however, will never falter in putting a smile on the girls face. Most of the time, these are the true, unexaggerated versions of pick up lines. Note, though, that the ways on how to sweet talk a girl is a skill; it will have to require some practice and honing.

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Discover How To talk To Girls On The Phone

Discover How To talk To Girls On The Phone

how to talk to girls

The problem of how to talk to girls on the phone has plagued men since the invention of the telephone. A classic tale, I must say.

The issue for men of how to effectively talk to girls on the phone, online or in person is prevalent. And the sad thing is, there isn’t an easy solution to it. But dont fuss too much about it as I will give you tips on how to tackle this issue.

Do You Know How To Talk To Girls On The Phone

Mind Conditioning

Set your head straight first. Most men easily succumb to the pursuer status because they want to please girls.

Fact: Girls are attracted to men they can’t have. If you become the pursuer, she becomes the prize and not you. So if you want her under the sheets with you, do not play the role of pursuer.

Find a Reason

When calling, do not just say “Hi”, “What are you doing?”, “I can’t stop thinking of you”, “Can we talk?” as you are going to sound “needy”. Remember, YOU are the prize.

Be observant and know what she’s like. Is there something that is noticeable about her? Does she love books? Do you like the way she dresses up? Say something like:

“Hey it’s my sister’s birthday on Monday and she likes books just like you. What do you think should I get for her?”

“Hi, I think you’re the best person to talk about music. You see, I’m preparing a party for a friend of mine on Saturday and I would love to create a playlist for him. What do you think would be the perfect songs to include in my list?”

As a pointer, topics about cheating, and jealousy are effective conversation topics. One example is:

“I’m trying to help a friend out. What’s your opinion about men who still talk to their exes even if they already have a new girlfriend?”

It’s important that you don’t apologize for calling her. You’re a man of value and men who are confident and sure of their game never apologize for talk to girls rightnow. If you apologize, you would look desperate.

Know What to Say

If you haven’t formulated a good reason for calling her, don’t call or else you’ll sound like an over-eager man and hence, the pursuer.

It may be helpful to outline some topics you can talk about in case there’s a dead air in between your conversation. But if you listen and pay attention to what she’s saying, you will never run out of things to talk about. By listening intently, you will remember everything she’s talking about. If she’s talking about a book she is reading, ask her if it’s any good and what makes it good or bad. Also, it won’t hurt to say “yeah, haha and really” once in a while. Doing so would make her think you’re actually paying attention.

Always be Polite and Calm

Although these tips are clichés, doing otherwise can negatively affect your chance of getting to know her better. Regardless if you’ve memorized all the strategies about how to talk to girls online, taking these 2 tips for granted can still blow your chances of hooking up with her.

Knowing how to talk to girls on the phone shouldn’t be so hard as long as you’re equipped with the right information from the person who knows a lot about macking. For more information, click here.

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