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How to Talk to Girls at Parties: The Laidback, Relaxed Approach

How to talk to girlsDo you want to know how to talk to girls at parties? When you are in such gatherings, take advantage of the chance to meet and chat up girls because things are so much warm and friendly when compared to picking up women from bars. The pressure for you to do well is also not that high, which will be a big boost on your confidence. Plus, it is almost a guarantee that you will be able to chat up with a girl and potentially get something going on from there. Getting an invite to a party is almost like getting an open invite to get a girl,and meet hot and friendly women.

Whether you are in a party or bar, never give your details out immediately that you are conversing with topics to talk about with a girl just yet. Ask for hers instead. Get her name and work on building rapport between the both of you. Ask her how she knows the host of the party then you can dive into those topics that will interest her or the both of you. To get her attention initially, you can make use of pickup lines. Again, this is a party so everyone is relaxed and is looking to have some fun so the use of pickup lines will be acceptable. Do not give your name or details unless she asks for them.

Tips On How to Talk to Girls

As much as possible, never talk about yourself. Allow her to talk about herself. Getting her to do so should not be that much of a challenge since anyone would want to talk about their selves. Any information about you should be kept from her to keep yourself mysterious. One very good tip is to make use of your information to banter and play games with her. This will create a rather fun interaction between the two of you which will lead her to think that you are different than all the other guys that she has been with.

The fact that it is a party and there are bound to be guys who are more physically attractive than you are might kill your spirits at actually getting the girl that you like. If you are feeling kind of down with such thought, divert your thinking into mentally telling yourself that you have something that they do not: extreme confidence. This is the self-assurance that you are able to effectively talk to women and captivate them with just that. The ways on how to talk to girls at parties will require you to be fun and flirtations. Be confident in the way that you carry yourself and be the “man of the party”.

More About How to Talk to Girls

Any person (including boys) would want to be with someone who is fun and entertaining to be with. This is exactly the principle that you should be living with in order to properly chat up women in parties. Remember that feelings and thoughts can be contagious so women would naturally gravitate around men who have a positive (and funny) outlook on life. Along with your humor (or sarcasm, whatever works), combine it with some amounts of teasing and flirting and you should be on your way to getting lucky at the end of the night.

Keep in mind that getting a girl to like you will require you to do more than reading this article and other How-Tos with regards to this topic. Cliché as it may seem; experience still and will probably always be the best teacher. Failures should never be taken too hard. Instead, treat them as additional pointers that you can make use of next time. Go out there and make use of these tips on how to talk to girls at parties!

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How to Know if a Girl Likes You: 4 Dead Giveaways

How to Know if a Girl Likes YouIf only all men are aware of the ways of how to know if a girl likes you, then they would not have to battle themselves into whether they should approach a girl or not to ask her out. They have big fear of being rejected which is exactly why they would want to ask a girl out if they are sure that she is into him. If you are one of these guys, then you know that you would rather jump off a bridge than take your chances on asking a girl out. However, if you pay attention well enough, you should be able to tell that a girl is somehow smitten with you,talk to girls and get a date with her. Take your cue from the following clues.

While any girl can come up to you and strike a conversation, one way to tell that a girl likes you is when she talks with in a playful and inviting manner. In this way, she will laugh at all of your jokes (no matter how corny it is) or go out of her way just to complement you. From, start talking more often to your crush and then ask her out. If doing it in person scares you, make use of various social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can even send her text messages. As you build on getting comfortable with each other. That is when you ask her to go out with you. You might want to do this face to face since girls will appreciate it more.

Tips on How to Know if a Girl Likes You

Another way on how to know if a girl likes you is when she is being extra thoughtful in doing anything for you. If you are struggling with a certain subject, she can offer to give you some tutoring. She will also give you comfort when you are having some problems. She will also likely remember your birthday and other significant holidays and give your gifts or special greetings. Keep in mind that the more thoughtful the act or gift is, the more likely that she really is into you.

If you see that you are seeing the girl more and more in your local hangouts or gigs, then it is more likely that she is trying to get your attention. If you feel so, then give her a smile and wave. However, properly discern if this really is the case. These just might be unintentional circumstances and you are over analyzing it. It is for this reason that you should keep your radar on for any signs that she could be into you. If she constantly stops by your locker to say hi to you or frequents your burger joint and makes it a point to always come over and talk to you, then there might be something else.

More Tips onHow to Know if a Girl Likes You

The ultimate sign that a girl is into you is when her friends tell you that she is. You might think that they would be breaking the “girls’ code and rules” but a girls’ friends will never do such a thing unless they can sense that you are also into her. It is also a good thing that they are doing you this favor since it can most certainly mean that they approve of you going out with her. In this instance, do not waste any more time and ask her out.

Cracking the codes of a girl’s hard can sometimes be a very hard task. But if you pay enough attention to her supposed signals, you can very well see that she is somehow sending you a message to make your move already. Make this your guide in knowing what to look for to figure out how to know if a girl likes you.

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Sweet Pick Up Lines To Say To a Girl

Sweet Pick Up Lines To Say To a GirlSugary Conversations in 2011: Sweet Pick Up Lines To Say To a Girl

If you’re trying to list down sweet pick up lines to say to a girl from an old 50’s flick, I’m going to ask you to stop right there. Why? Well, for one thing, you do not want to be using latest pick up lines from more than half a century ago. She’s probably heard it all before. It’s 2011, and it’s about time we get a move on.

For another thing, finding sweet pick up lines to say to a girl should have an element of sincerity in it, especially because there are too few guys out there who still use them, and too many girls who have become skeptical towards any form of sweetness whatsoever.

When thinking about sweet pick up lines to say to a girl, the first thing you want to consider is your approach. In addition to building social value, it’s important to make a connection with the girl you like before playing on the charm. This is a better approach than suddenly appearing out of nowhere and laying on a thick “Hi, you look stunning tonight”. Girls get freaked out by that, trust me, and you’re not really helping yourself bring about that “sweet” atmosphere.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Simple eye contact will do. Don’t creep her out by engaging in a fierce staredown. Once you’ve caught her eye, smile warmly. If she responds with an equally favorable smile, then you’re in the clear to make your next move.

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Contrary to popular opinion, finding sweet pick up lines to say to a girl doesn’t necessarily entail bringing on the lines to pick up girls. (Or corniness, whichever you prefer.) For instance, you can try them in the form of flirty openers.

Examples of sweet pick up lines to say to a girl are compliments. This should be pretty easy for a guy to pull off, but remember that sincerity counts. You could say something like “That necklace looks really good on you. My sister is having her birthday next week, and I was wondering where I could get one like it?” or “You look amazing in that dress. I was planning to get my bestfriend Jen something like that, but I don’t know if there are still dresses available in that color. Care to help me out?”

Take note that you achieve two things with this kind of good pick up line: a) you give her a sweet compliment, and b) you reinforce your social value by emphasizing that you are part of a social circle (mentioning your “sister” and “bestfriend Jen”.)

Alternatives to Sweet Pick Up Lines To Say To a Girl

You might also use question or opinion openers. Girls appreciate these kinds of openers because it sends the message that a guy values her opinion enough to approach her. You could ask her opinion on your clothes (i.e. “Does this shirt make me look gay? A dude was trying to buy me a drink earlier at the bar…”) or on a certain situation (i.e. “My friend Mike caught his wife kissing someone else last night, now they’re not even speaking to each other. What do you think counts as cheating?”). For believability, anchor your questions to reasons that you’re asking them.

And then you have the flirty opener. Flirty openers should serve to set the stage for a conversation, so don’t dwell on them after she’s expressed interest in engaging in a conversation with you. You could say “Hi. I really don’t have any sweet talk lines to offer you, and I’m hoping that ‘hello’ is enough” and then jump straight into conversation with her. Don’t worry about sounding cheesy. When using sweet pick up lines to say to a girl, your sincerity is what matters.

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What To Talk About With Girls To “Spike” Their Curiosity

What To Talk About With Girls To Make Them Curious…

what to talk about with girlsBeing awesome with women requires you to know what to talk about with girls… but it’s just as important to have a few “tricks” up your sleeve for building her curiosity and interest in you.

This is why I like to use the “Open Thread” technique when I talk to women. It works like a charm! This sneaky little technique works on a principle of human nature: when something is left incomplete, we feel uncomfortable and our attention remains drawn to it until we can find some kind of resolution.

What To Talk About With Girls To Get Them “Hooked” On You…

If I were to start telling you a really interesting story, filled with twists and turns… and then I suddenly STOPPED right before the conclusion, and changed the topic to something else… I would be using the Open Thread tactic on you. The information I gave you through the story remains uncomfortably in your mind, like an itch that you want to scratch! One of the effects of that incompleteness is that you would be curious about the end of the story.

Here’s another example of how this works. When a person ends a relationship with another, the rejected person always wants to know the reason “why” the relationship came to an end. If the person forcing the break-up is unable to provide a satisfying reason why (and let’s face it, there usually isn’t one), the rejected party feels frustrated and confused because of the lack of closure.

You’ve probably suffered the effects of this in your own life. Sometimes we’ll get totally “hung up” on a girl and think about her obsessively… not because she’s so special or gorgeous, but because our interaction with her ended abruptly and our mind can’t deal with the lack of closure.

Or, have you ever found yourself flipping channels and you accidentally land on some cheesy movie… but you watch a few minutes of it… and then you’re HOOKED on it for the next hour, because you NEED to see how it ends?

Our minds HATE not knowing the ending to something… (Even if it’s something that we had no interest in to begin with, like an episode of some bad reality TV show…)

Sometimes I use this principle just to mess with a girl for my own amusement… I’ll send her a text that just says, “Call me when you get a chance, we need to talk.”

And then I’ll turn my phone off!

She’ll stress out like crazy for a couple hours, wanting to know exactly what I wanted to “talk” to her about…

Finally I’ll answer my phone and when she asks what I wanted to talk about I’ll say, “Oh, I just wanted to know if you wanted Chinese food or pizza for dinner?” It drives her crazy…

Cause when we don’t know the answer… our mind starts searching for it. And that’s when things can get ugly. We become almost fixated on “knowing.”

So the million dollar question is: How can you use the “Open Thread” tactic to keep the minds of those around you focused on you?

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How To Talk With Girls: What the Average Male Should Know

Learning how to talk with girls

how to talk with girls

When mastering the herculean task of learning how to talk with girls, it’s always helpful to believe it’s actually possible. Though I’m sure most of us would rather face fire-breathing dragons than work up the courage to approach a member of the female species, there are several helpful tips out there to help keep your cool with the ladies.

For most guys, building up the approach is usually the most difficult part in learning how to talk with girls, because, as a rule, feeling the nasty sting of rejection is a very real and familiar risk. But that only occurs because we tend to say things that might sound inappropriate to a girl, even when it’s not our intention at all to sound insensitive. As a result, we get blown off before we’re really given a chance to show how great we are at conversations, and there goes the past hour of working up your nerve to talk to her, right out the window.

Here’s something you certainly should remember when figuring out how to talk with girls: pay attention to what you say and the way you say it. Lose the ordinary pickup lines; she’s probably already heard it before. Instead of asking her “What’s a pretty thing like you doing on this side of town?” and conveying that you have little or no social value at all, try talking to people in the nearby area. She’ll notice that you are a member of a social circle, as opposed to the lonely guy hunched over by himself in his corner of the bar. This will show her you are socially valuable, and increase your appeal considerably. Remember, though, that this might not always apply to every situation. If you spot a girl going out for a jog, it would seem silly to chat up every single neighbor she passes simply to get her attention. Exude confidence and immediately dive into conversation with her.


Once you think you’re ready to approach her, go for it. Don’t apologize for coming over to talk to her. That might sound like an impolite way of starting a conversation, but believe me, apologizing to girls for talking to them means you are giving up control. Walk right over and say, “Hi, I was wondering if you could spare a second of your time? I would like to ask you…”, and then use that opening to get the wheels rolling.

Be a Master in Knowing How to Talk with Girls

When mastering how to talk with girls, never let her get the idea that you plan to spend the next three hours regaling her with stories of your Aunt Mildred’s knitting hobbies. Tell her that you only plan to stay for, say, the next five minutes. You might say something along the lines of “Hello, do you have two seconds?” or “I would like you to answer a question for me, it’ll only take a minute.”A definite timeframe (not very long, mind you) will increase the chances of her staying to listen to whatever you have to say. Once she does, however, it’ll take that crucial window of time to convince her to stay in the conversation for a little while longer.


During the conversation, don’t allow emphasis to remain on you (or her) alone. These is still in line with the social value principle, and trust me, it works. Talk about other people. For example, you would like to comment on a book she’s currently reading. Instead of saying, “Wow, I love John Grisham’s books, I find them very exciting!” say, “My friend Ben got me started on John Grisham and his novels. He says he finds them dull and uninteresting, but I read the books to see for myself. What do you think about his writing style?”


Another thing you should keep in mind when getting the hang of how to talk with girls is that you should be adept at steering the conversation. Don’t ask her yes/no questions, as those will have you scrambling to find something else to talk about, unless she expounds on her yes or no answers. Some of them might, but not all of them, so you might as well stay away from that risk. You may have been told, once, to make a list of possible topics to converse about with a girl, but that would kill any spontaneity on the spot. The trick to never running out of things to say is to listen carefully to what a girl is saying.


Let’s say that a girl tells you: “When I was five, I fell from a tree and broke my arm. I was in the hospital for days. My parents were distressed about it, but I thought it was kind of fun at the time.”


That statement alone has rich potential for follow-up. You might ask her what she was like when she was five, or if she still enjoys climbing trees and other athletic activities. If you think she’ll feel comfortable talking about it, ask her about her parents’ distress at the incident, and ask if they have overprotective tendencies. From there, let the conversation flow where it will. Yep, listening skills are important; that cannot be underscored enough.


One last tip for the average male learning how to talk with girls: be a fun guy. Engage your conversational partner. Entertain her. Pique her curiosity. She might not have felt any pull of attraction when you first walked into the room, but by the time you’ve got her laughing over silly anecdotes with you, or having a friendly argument on the social implications of divorce, there’s a higher chance of her appreciating how attractive you really are (do I really need to emphasize how big a bonus that is?). Acing how to talk with girls won’t seem so herculean then.

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Advice On How To Talk To A Girl

Advice On How To Talk To A Girl

How To Talk To A Girl

Guys who have great personalities can still become tongue-tied when it comes to talking to a beautiful girl for the first time. Approaching girls and women and initiating a conversation can make anyone nervous. Try to stay relaxed and casual, and think about interesting things to talk about with a girl in advance of meeting her.

The first thing to do is introduce yourself.Go ahead and introduce yourself by the name — it’s an obvious but important first step. If you know her from school or work, be sure to mention that. Ask her where she is from, what she is studying or working on, and how her day is going.You can keep this “first contact” brief and easygoing.

Hints On How To Talk To A Girl

If the introduction goes well, the both of you should be a little more relaxed and at ease, and the conversation will begin to flow more naturally. Personally, I always have at least three interesting topics that I can bring up when I’m talking to a girl, and these topics are designed to hold her attention and get her to talk and share. For example, I might mention some interesting celebrity gossip that’s been in the news (women love to talk about this stuff). Or, I can ask for her opinion about a friend of mine whose girlfriend (or boyfriend) did something that MIGHT count as cheating…but I want to find out what she thinks, You can talk about anything that you find interesting, or that she finds interesting. Talk about vacations, favorite foods, good movies, current events, pets and animals, holidays, even other people. Share funny stories. Laughter and a sense of humor are always appreciated.

Another tips to use when you’re talking to girls: figure out something that is important to her, or something she is passionate about, and follow up. Get her to explain it to you, and share with you why it’s a big deal to her.Remember, you should be doing more listening than talking.You can bring up an interesting topic of conversation, and then let her run with it. Does she love politics? If so, follow the latest news from the presidential race or a hot legislative topic and ask her opinion on it.Maybe she’s into sports, or has a favorite team. This is another subject that might trigger some cool conversation and allow you to point out things you have in common. Does she love to cook or dine out? Tell her about a new restaurant that just opened up in your neighborhood. If you are feeling bold, ask her to dinner.

Another effective conversational topic is siblings/family.Most women has a sibling who tormented them when they grew up, or a sibling who they admire.If she is an only child, you can still relate to her about parents who just don’t “get” their kids sometimes, or a favorite aunt or wacky uncle. Share an embarrassing story about growing up. Talk about how much your family resembles the Griswolds from the National Lampoon Vacation movies, or a crazy but loveable brood from a popular sitcom.

Talking to girls is not as scary as it may seem. Just keep in mind what girls enjoy talking about the most (gossip, fashion, pop culture, and most of all RELATIONSHIP DRAMA…) and you’ll never have to struggle to figure out what to say next. Girls also really want to feel like you are being sincere and genuine when you talk to them. They are not impressed with bragging or ego. Making yourself a little vulnerable with funny stories and honest conversation will go a long way. They want to talk to a real person, not an invented superstar.

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