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How To Get a Girl To Kiss You

Getting The First Kiss – The Easy Way   Are you not sure how to get a girl to kiss you? Well, it’s not just you, since a lot of guys feel nervous about “making their move” and going for the first kiss. Understand that women love to romanticize everything and until such time that you’ve established attraction, there’s no…

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Know How to Kiss a Girl

Know How to Kiss a Girl   One of the problems that many men face is knowing when and how to kiss a girl. The idea of kissing someone who might just give you a swift slap back to reality isn’t very promising. The best way to kiss a girl is to do it right from the get go. Here’s…

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How To Learn If a Girl Likes You

How To Learn If a Girl Likes You by Dean Cortez Have you ever wondered how you can find out if a girl likes you or not? Women usually send mixed and confusing signals, which can make the situation really hard to figure out. A lot of men don’t quite get it if a girl likes them (as more than…

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