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How to Get a Girl to Like You in High School: Man Up and Get the Girl

how to get a girl to like you in highschoolThe ways on how to get a girl to like you in high school would require you to work a little more than the usual. High school girls have a reputation at having high standards more particularly on their choice at picking guys to date. Note that one of the things that high school girls are after is a good reputation for themselves. They would want to stay or be on top of the hierarchy of the high school kingdom. Taking this into consideration, it is no wonder then that they would pick a guy who uplift or, at least, match theirs,and get a girl to be at her top.

It will be a big help if you look for more information about the girl that you intend to go out with. You might want to veer away from asking her directly about this early on. Save up such questions to ask a girl once you are already going out with her on dates. In the meantime, get to know her through other mediums. Today’s popular social networking websites will come in very handy. Look through her profile and get to know her likes, dislikes, favorite movies, favorite music, and so on. You can even ask her closest friends about it. However, make sure that she does not know about it.

Tips on How to Get a Girl to Like You in High School

Another aspect that you should look into on how to get a girl to like you in high school is your relationship with her closest friends. It would be an understatement to say that a girl’s girlfriends are among those that truly know her and are the ones that she is constantly with. Therefore, getting her friends’ approval will be a very big deal. Get to know everyone in her circle and start to get chummy with them. Once they have come to like you, they could be the ones doing all the work to get their friend to like you.

If you are more of the traditional guy, you can do the very modest and proper way of asking a girl out by visiting her family in their home. Introduce yourself to her parents, let them be aware of your real intentions, and allow them to make a good impression out of you. Be confident and never pretend to be someone else because it will truly show. Winning a parent’s approval is a very big thing in this day and age. In school, asking her out with a big spectacle will work. Remember that high school is all about popularity and being on top of the “food chain”. It will be a big plus for you if you are able to go through extreme lengths to impress her.

More Tips about How to Get a Girl to Like You in High School

If you are more of the gutsy type, make the first move and tell her outright how much you like her. Otherwise, you will have to toughen yourself up and start taking the initiative. Girls, whether in high school or not, will surely appreciate such truthfulness and courage to be able to outright say anything. As you go on with your date, observe the ways that she responds with your words or actions. She might not say much but her body language can really reveal so many things that she could not speak up. Decode these messages and assess her true feelings towards you.

Take note that things might not always end up in the way that you want them to be. In such instances, move on and look for another girl to crush on. Unless you brand yourself as an optimistic persevering guy, it would be of no use going after a high school who has already made up her mind that she is not interested in dating you. The ways on how to get a girl to like you in high school can be a little tough which is why, sometimes, you just have to man up and move on.

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