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Create a Good First Impression with these Funny Topics to Talk About with a Girl

Funny Topics to Talk About with a GirlMen are well aware that a good sense of humor tops the lists of women who are looking to date a guy; exactly why they are always on the lookout for funny topics to talk about with a girl. A man who can make a women laugh says so much about his personality. It gives off the message that you have a positive take on life and enjoys having fun and could attract a woman you like. Talking about fun topics is a very good way to make a good first impression, especially if you are looking to make an impact on a girl that you like. Here are a few funny topics that you can inject into good things to talk about with a girl after you have exchanged your hellos.

Normally, after you have said your initial introductions; you will then talk about politics, pop culture, and anywhere in between. However, if you looking about funny topics to talk about a girl that will really make her laugh; try your hands in those odd and out of the box topics. For instance, you can ask her about her views on laissez faire in the 18th century France or about the bizarre outfits of Lady Gaga. Not only will this bring out a smile (or laugh) from the girl; this will also serve as a good ice breaker. This can also serve a topic that will give way to another topic that both of you can relate to and talk about.

Things to Know on Funny Topics to Talk About with a Girl

Funny topics are also fitting for what to talk about on a first date. Dating conversation starters can come as cracking a joke early in the night or creating humor out of a supposedly serious situation. A first date can be very stressful and awkward and there will always be a need for ice breakers as well as things to fill in those silent gaps in between conversations. Cracking jokes is also a good way to get a feel of each other as you are both still on the early stages of your date.

Your own personal funny stories will also do well as things to talk about with a girl. Aside from when you are on a date; you can also share these stories when you are in just about any gathering. You can share these funny stories in parties and other gatherings and impress a few girls on the way. For example, you can share a funny experience that you have on your recent vacation or a prank that you played on a co-worker in the office bathroom or a friend in a bar. Taking the initiative to talk first will serve as a go signal for everyone in the circle to share their funny stories as well.

More Things on Funny Topics to Talk About with a Girl

If you are at a loss on what to exactly talk about; you can simply ask for a topic from your date. Acknowledge that there is a need for a topic for both of you to talk about. State the obvious and say “Do you know any good topics that we can talk about?” If you execute this question well, you can get your date to laugh. Not only have you acknowledged the elephant in the room; you have also eased yourselves out of a very awkward situation.

You can also very well inject humor at any part of the conversation. This is a way to keep less serious and light, should you wish things to be. Just stay in check on the kind of jokes that you are throwing as it could potentially be offensive or inappropriate. The right funny topics to talk about with a girl are definitely a good way to break the ice and get your self out of awkward situations.

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