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Getting the Girl: The Basics

Getting the GirlIf you are a guy and you are at a dead-end for surefire ways to get a girl you like, then it is best that you become proficient in picking up women and in dating. As for picking up girls, it is an art form that takes practice and dedication to master, just like what the great pick up artists did before they became so. The art requires certain skills coupled with the right pick up lines and a certain demeanor from any guy who aims to become an expert. So, how do you get the girl?

Before you even put one foot in front of the other to approach the girl you like, you first have to check yourself. Do you look presentable – with trendy clothes that show you as a fashion-forward guy, not a fashion victim? Do you make it a point to dress appropriately for the place? Do you wear clean clothes that show you as a decent and well-mannered guy?

After checking your sense of style, you must then look into your body language to help you in getting the girl. Do you carry yourself with a confident air that tells the girl you are a person with authority? Do you walk with a certain strut that commands attention immediately and tells the ladies that you are the alpha male? Do you look at the girls straight in the eyes when talking to them; do you control your hands so that they do not betray your anxious and nervous feelings? If you answer yes, you are close to getting there.

Having ticked off fashion sense and body language as factors in getting the girl, you must then assess your social network. This is important as girls function on social proof and get attracted to guys who seem generally accepted by the people in the same circle they move in. So, do you have lots of friends you hang out with regularly in bars or clubs? Do you make friends with both men and women in different locations? If you answer yes to these questions, you are getting better as girls prefer men who seem to have a certain niche in the social scene and who seem to be respected.

The last factor you need to get right when attempting to get the girl is your pick up line. There are various pick up lines of different genres to choose from: funny, sweet, naughty, corny, you name it, you can be sure to find it! You have to be ready with these pick up lines just in case you meet a girl who strikes your fancy; besides, saying the perfect line in the right setting can help you succeed in your endeavor. Of course, being prepared with a few great pick up lines for different places can give you more confidence if you are really put in that particular situation. However, you must be careful to communicate confidence even in your delivery of the line.

To come to the point, becoming proficient in the art of picking up girls and in dating requires patience to get the tricks down pat on your part. You won’t become a great pick up artist just by waiting for divine intervention to grant you the magic words to say to the girl. No, you have to dress fashionably, act confidently, circulate to be noticed, and choose a great pick up line. When you do all these things, the seemingly difficult task of getting the girl becomes easy. Through this, it will also help you if you decide on picking up girls and get them to be with you and have a good time.

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How To Get A Girl To Notice You

How To Get A Girl To Notice You


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When you enter a room, you want to get attention from the ladies right away, but it is not that simple. When you want to get the attention you want, you can do one of two things: act like the most self-assured man in the world or just be your plain friendly and gregarious self. Given the two options, you still have to know several tips on how to get girls to notice you, if you have some problems in that department. Hence, you need to equip yourself with tips and pointers about how to get girls to look your way. If you want to know how, keep on reading!

A good knowledge of making girls take notice your presence amid a sea of faces is your trump card. When you know the ways to make them look your way, the stage is set. So, the first step you need to take is to come off as the most eligible bachelor in the room. You can achieve this by your attire. Thus, you should present yourself in neat yet hip manner. Aside from your trendy get-up, you should also show your confidence in your manner; talk, walk, and be confident.

Flirting Tips – How To Make A Girl Notice You

With your wardrobe taken care of, you have to use the second tip on how to make girls to notice you: say an interesting opener. The opening line that you choose to say to the girl you want to talk to or probably date does not need to be over-the-top funny or witty. It only has to be attention-grabbing so that the girl can stop in her tracks and listen to what you have to say. To help you in this area, you can actually resort to two types of openers: the neutral and the flirt opener. The two types of openers vary greatly in quality.

Neutral openers are perfect if you are still a novice in the social scene and you still don’t know how to make a girl to notice you. These openers do not send out any feelers of being romantically interested in the girl. This keeps the girl you are interested in comfortable with you as you are not just trying to ask her out. When you manage to catch her attention, your conversation can flow. You can try using opinion opener #2 which goes “Let them ask you something real quick…” and then finish it off with a neutral question that could make her give a helpful response to your query.

Flirt openers should best be left in the daring and the dashing self-assured men who are experienced in the social scene. These flirt openers are perfect for making girls look your way and notice you. Given the name of the opener, the line gives you the chance to openly express your romantic notions toward the girl. But, be careful in using flirt openers as they can backfire on you if you don’t catch the girl’s eye and make her smile before jumping into saying the flirt opener. However, if you really want to try out a flirt opener, use the one that goes: “You are so cute, I had to come over here and say hello.”

In summary, getting the girl to know that you are there needs you to maintain an acceptable and attractive image. Thus, you have to look, feel, and be confident; do not ever apologize for striking a conversation with a girl and do not ever seek permission from the girl to be able to talk to her. Presuppose that she is so into you too, and just deliver the lines. When you are confident and prepared, you will definitely get the girls to notice you.

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How To Get a Girl To Kiss You

Getting The First Kiss – The Easy Way


kiss a girlAre you not sure how to get a girl to kiss you? Well, it’s not just you, since a lot of guys feel nervous about “making their move” and going for the first kiss. Understand that women love to romanticize everything and until such time that you’ve established attraction, there’s no shortcut to kissing a girl. Yep, there’s always a way. And before I share these secrets with you, be sure to download this FREE guide to getting hot girls…

1. Ask her out – a kiss cannot take place if you don’t create a situation that will lead to it. But keep in mind that not because you asked her out, you’re supposed to please her all the time. Stay cool and never go all over her. Remember that girls like nice guys but are not necessarily turned on by them. So don’t have a nice guy mentality rather a player mentality.

2. The player mentality – we all know how they work. Players seem to practice the law of demand and supply that’s why women go after them. The less attention they give a girl, the more she craves for it. This proves my point that you’re not there to please her all the time. Instead, act like a prize while dropping subtle hints that would establish attraction.

3. Subtle Hints – subtle hints can be given from the get go to heighten her interest and not just during a particular date. Below are some very good examples:

a. The Random Touch – if you’re together, see to it that you touch her lightly on the arms, shoulders or hand. You can also advancing by placing your hand on her back to support her or when the situation demands for it. But make sure that you don’t let your hand stay there for too long or else she would think you’re being too desperate.

b. Compliment how she looks – this is an ancient-old trick that never goes old. Compliment her and give away a nice and playful smile and don’t overdo it.

c. Give her a brief look in the eyes and on the lips – do this when she’s looking just to make sure you’re creating the connection and attraction that you need.

d. Put your arms around her when she leans in – this is a very effective method because it creates a sense of intimacy that helps build sexual tension or attraction.

If you think that only men want to be physically intimate, think again. Girls are sexual creatures too but they don’t express it the way men do. Now the burden to let her unleash her sexual side rests upon you and these tips will help you achieve it. Women are turned on when they are teased and seduced in a subtle way. The tips I’ve discussed above will help you have a player mentality and become a tease and make her want you more than you want her.

Just keep in mind to never lose your confidence or else you’d end up being that “doormat” guy she once went out with. Truth be told, having a player mentality puts women off-side and this increases their attraction toward you.

So now, if you want to know how to get a girl in the mood for SEX, and and other advanced macking tactics…

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Know How to Kiss a Girl

Know How to Kiss a Girl


One of the problems that many men face is knowing when and how to kiss a girl. The idea of kissing someone who might just give you a swift slap back to reality isn’t very promising. The best way to kiss a girl is to do it right from the get go. Here’s what you can do to make sure that kissing her is something that she wants to.

How to Kiss a Girl Successfully

Do The Test

You’ll never know when and how to kiss a girl unless you do some test. The kiss test will help you find out if she wants to be kissed too.

If you really want to kiss her after a fun date, slowly lean over and touch the tips of her hair and softly whisper a sweet compliment to her. Don’t lean, touch the tips of her hair and say nothing because that is just weird. Say something like, “I really enjoyed your company”, “Your hair feels so soft”, “I like your smile”, yada yada yada. You can think of other compliments to say to her but just make sure you’re sincere.

How Did She React?

Just because you said something sweet and gave her a compliment, it doesn’t mean that you’re safe from her swift right palm. This is the most important part of knowing when and how to kiss a girl. Make sure you observe the following signs before you plant a kiss on her lips.

– She did avoid you when you leaned forward

– She coyly smiles at you

– She tries to tilt her head

If you noticed 1 or 2 signs enumerated above, go to the next step.

Give Her the Look

If she didn’t turn her head away and gave you a smile instead, reach and stroke her hair once again. Do this while looking at her eyes, down to her lips and back to her eyes again. If she doesn’t protest, you have her go signal.

The Momentous Kiss

Lean over and give her a memorable sweet and lingering kiss. Hint: no tongue involved unless she’s receptive to all your actions. If you think she’s holding back, respect her and wait for the right time to do some of the things you want to do. If you want a second, third and a lot more kisses, you have to learn to control yourself because it won’t be long before you get there.

What makes this Test Important?

It means that you are kind and thoughtful enough to compliment her and give her the opportunity to say no. You will make her feel desired but respected at the same time and this will increase your chance with her.

Knowing when and how to kiss a girl is a great skill but if you want to know more macking tactics..

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How To Learn If a Girl Likes You

How To Learn If a Girl Likes You

by Dean Cortez

Have you ever wondered how you can find out if a girl likes you or not? Women usually send mixed and confusing signals, which can make the situation really hard to figure out. A lot of men don’t quite get it if a girl likes them (as more than a friend), or not.

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How to Figure Out If a Girl Likes You

1. She spends quality time with you – if a girl doesn’t like you, she won’t normally go out with you all the time. She would be thrilled just to be with you that she won’t mind whether you take her at a cheap diner, a bar, a coffee shop, a library, etc. On the other hand, if a girl always says “No” to you, then maybe you should start to move on.

2. Receptive – they pay attention to what you’re saying to her. She would also ask a lot of questions and allow you to talk more about it. In fact, she would even start researching about it the moment she gets home.

3. Understand the way she looks at you – this may be a tad difficult for men who do not have experience in reading girls. If a girl likes you she would give you lingering looks and if you catch her doing so, she would look away and look at something else. Unlike girls who are not into you, you will catch her looking at you more often.

To avoid confusion between girls who seems to be glancing at you more often and girls who glance at you because they like you, try transfer to another area when she’s not looking. If she’s really into you, she will start to search for you the moment she notices that you’re gone. One she sees you again, she may pretend to be looking for someone else.

4. Smile at her – Try smiling at her but don’t overdo this as you may freak her out. Just smile at her once and see how she reacts. if she likes you, she will also smile back but in a shy and polite manner. On the other hand, if she replies in a very rude manner and starts to frown, move on.

5. She laughs at your jokes – This is a bit tricky because there are some girls who are not into you but are nice enough to laugh at your jokes even if they’re not funny. Further, if a girl likes you she will not only laugh but will also give out other cues of interest. For example, she will laugh, touches your shoulder or arms, and smile all the time. She also lets you linger because she loves your presence.

Yes, knowing if a girl likes your or not can be difficult. But if you want to understand how women think and behave and learn other macking tactics…

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How To Get Women To Like You

Seduction Secrets – How To Get Women To Like You

how to get women

Figuring out how to get girls is actually not that complicated, once you read the book Mack Tactics. The Mack Tactics ebook is probably the best guide on how to be an alpha male and take your “game” and lifestyle to a new level. This is an area that a lot of guys need help with, which I can understand — nobody wants to be alone, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

For starters, forget about relying on “routines” or “pick up lines” as a way to get girls to talk to you. Part of being a Mack is being original, and this includes how you speak to women. If you’re obviously using “lines” that you rehearsed, she’s not going to be interested. You must come across to women as being UNIQUE if you’re going to catch their interest. Smooth talking is always a plus. In the Mack Tactics book you will also learn “openers” that you can use in vitually any situation, to start conversations and break the ice. If you’re curious about how to get girls to like you, then this is the first step. There are many males trolling for women, and a guy needs to stick out or he will get lost in the crowd.

How To Get Women To Chase You

You’ve got to be focused on the girl you’re talking to, and show her that you’re a good listener. Choose your target, and then apply the techniques that are in the Mack Tactics book. Getting girls to like you also involves understanding female psychology, another area which is covered in the Mack Tactics seduction manual. Just stay focused on your target, don’t get distracted, and put your Mack Tactics to work. Once you figure out how girls think, knowing how to get girls will become second nature to you. Girls like to be the center of attention, or better yet, be paid attention to. The idea is to get her “hooked” on you by using the attraction and seduction techniques in the Mack Tactics book. A strategy for how to get a girl to like you will work most of the time if an individual just takes the time to pay attention to those things.

That means no jumping from one girl to the next or blatently checking out another female in front of the girl that a guy is trying to get. This is an essential principle for getting girls. In order to get girls a guy has to make sure that the girl knows that she is the only one that a guy is looking for. Girls will always feel special when you utilize these extremely powerful techniques.

Seduction Tips – How To Get Women To Like You

Another way for guys to get girls is to stop talking so much, and listen more. You only look insecure when you talk about yourself endlessly. A guy will want to talk and make sure that the girl is kept interested and is having fun. Avoid boring topics, and use the “Hooks & Ladders” technique from the Mack Tactics book to make sure there are never any awkward silences. Once you figure out how to really push a girl’s “attraction buttons,” getting the girl is really quite simple. Sure a guy might be thinking dirty thoughts, but a girl does not want to hear that right away, so lie if need be.

Learning how to get girls to like you is quite easy once you follow the right procedure. Soon a guy will get girls left and right. But he honest about your situation right now, and the goals you want to achieve. If you are burning through girls left and right, you will be right back in the situation that you started with. And remember, ultimately it’s not just about how to get a girl. It’s about how to meet the right girl and KEEP her. The Mack Tactics book is the only manual you will ever need to help you get girls on a whole new level.

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