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How to Get a Girl to Like You

How to Get a Girl to Like YouGuys have the innate desire to get a girl to like them; for sure, you being a guy yourself, you want to know the secrets of how to get a girl to like you. This is a fact that is universal and also encompasses the opposite gender, whether young or old. So, you have to take advantage of this bit of information and use it for your own good. You can make a girl like you using effective methods. What are these methods, you may ask?

The first effective way to get a girl to like you is to have great social skills backed up by social proof. You have to possess great social skills to gain lots of friends, whether guys or gals. When you have a good number of friends surrounding you, the girl you like can see you in a different yet positive light: as a man who treats friends (including ladies) in an agreeable manner. Also, when the girl you are interested in sees your confidence around women, she might just find herself getting attracted to you. Of course, it also helps if you maintain as profile in the popular social networks to further enhance your social proof.

The second effective way to get a girl to like you is to appear nonchalant or interested but detached from the whole thing. When you act like you don’t really want to please her or you don’t desperately want her to like you, your attractiveness in her eyes increases. Why does this happen? When you show that you are willing to go to great lengths just to get her within the first few minutes of your conversation, you don’t allow her to feel attraction for you as you are trying your best to get her attention. Instead, just be casual but stay interested.

The third effective way to get a girl to like you is this: flirt with her a little. Yes, you have to do this to create sexual tension that is vital if you want the girl to really weird sensations of being drawn to you. Thus, when flirting, you can say this useful line: “I’m sorry. Were you talking to me? (She replies with a no.) Well, please start.” When you say this line, you have to accompany it with a teasing smile and lots of eye contact. Also, remember to act cool yet in command of the situation; say the line playfully but with loads of self-assurance.

The fourth effective way of getting the girl to like you has something to do with the rest of your conversation with her. Once you get her talking, don’t hesitate and keep it going with witty and flirty comments; you need to do this to increase the sexual tension that you have managed to create. For example, if she mentions that “it is late and time for bed”, you can reply with the funny “Don’t you think it’s too early in our relationship to do that?” Replying with a line like that further increases the playful mood that you have started, which keeps her interest in talking with you some more. Just remember when keeping the conversation alive, you have to take the lead. Using a pick up line is not necessary this time though.

To summarize, you can get any girl to like you if you know the right moves and the effective ways to catch her attention. You have to bear in mind that social proof and confidence are important. You also have to take the pains to flirt and play with words around the girl. Last, you have to keep the conversation going and keep the funny and witting remarks coming. When you do these, it means that you have managed to master the ways of getting a girl to like you.

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How To Get a Girl To Kiss You

Getting The First Kiss – The Easy Way


kiss a girlAre you not sure how to get a girl to kiss you? Well, it’s not just you, since a lot of guys feel nervous about “making their move” and going for the first kiss. Understand that women love to romanticize everything and until such time that you’ve established attraction, there’s no shortcut to kissing a girl. Yep, there’s always a way. And before I share these secrets with you, be sure to download this FREE guide to getting hot girls…

1. Ask her out – a kiss cannot take place if you don’t create a situation that will lead to it. But keep in mind that not because you asked her out, you’re supposed to please her all the time. Stay cool and never go all over her. Remember that girls like nice guys but are not necessarily turned on by them. So don’t have a nice guy mentality rather a player mentality.

2. The player mentality – we all know how they work. Players seem to practice the law of demand and supply that’s why women go after them. The less attention they give a girl, the more she craves for it. This proves my point that you’re not there to please her all the time. Instead, act like a prize while dropping subtle hints that would establish attraction.

3. Subtle Hints – subtle hints can be given from the get go to heighten her interest and not just during a particular date. Below are some very good examples:

a. The Random Touch – if you’re together, see to it that you touch her lightly on the arms, shoulders or hand. You can also advancing by placing your hand on her back to support her or when the situation demands for it. But make sure that you don’t let your hand stay there for too long or else she would think you’re being too desperate.

b. Compliment how she looks – this is an ancient-old trick that never goes old. Compliment her and give away a nice and playful smile and don’t overdo it.

c. Give her a brief look in the eyes and on the lips – do this when she’s looking just to make sure you’re creating the connection and attraction that you need.

d. Put your arms around her when she leans in – this is a very effective method because it creates a sense of intimacy that helps build sexual tension or attraction.

If you think that only men want to be physically intimate, think again. Girls are sexual creatures too but they don’t express it the way men do. Now the burden to let her unleash her sexual side rests upon you and these tips will help you achieve it. Women are turned on when they are teased and seduced in a subtle way. The tips I’ve discussed above will help you have a player mentality and become a tease and make her want you more than you want her.

Just keep in mind to never lose your confidence or else you’d end up being that “doormat” guy she once went out with. Truth be told, having a player mentality puts women off-side and this increases their attraction toward you.

So now, if you want to know how to get a girl in the mood for SEX, and and other advanced macking tactics…

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Know How to Kiss a Girl

Know How to Kiss a Girl


One of the problems that many men face is knowing when and how to kiss a girl. The idea of kissing someone who might just give you a swift slap back to reality isn’t very promising. The best way to kiss a girl is to do it right from the get go. Here’s what you can do to make sure that kissing her is something that she wants to.

How to Kiss a Girl Successfully

Do The Test

You’ll never know when and how to kiss a girl unless you do some test. The kiss test will help you find out if she wants to be kissed too.

If you really want to kiss her after a fun date, slowly lean over and touch the tips of her hair and softly whisper a sweet compliment to her. Don’t lean, touch the tips of her hair and say nothing because that is just weird. Say something like, “I really enjoyed your company”, “Your hair feels so soft”, “I like your smile”, yada yada yada. You can think of other compliments to say to her but just make sure you’re sincere.

How Did She React?

Just because you said something sweet and gave her a compliment, it doesn’t mean that you’re safe from her swift right palm. This is the most important part of knowing when and how to kiss a girl. Make sure you observe the following signs before you plant a kiss on her lips.

– She did avoid you when you leaned forward

– She coyly smiles at you

– She tries to tilt her head

If you noticed 1 or 2 signs enumerated above, go to the next step.

Give Her the Look

If she didn’t turn her head away and gave you a smile instead, reach and stroke her hair once again. Do this while looking at her eyes, down to her lips and back to her eyes again. If she doesn’t protest, you have her go signal.

The Momentous Kiss

Lean over and give her a memorable sweet and lingering kiss. Hint: no tongue involved unless she’s receptive to all your actions. If you think she’s holding back, respect her and wait for the right time to do some of the things you want to do. If you want a second, third and a lot more kisses, you have to learn to control yourself because it won’t be long before you get there.

What makes this Test Important?

It means that you are kind and thoughtful enough to compliment her and give her the opportunity to say no. You will make her feel desired but respected at the same time and this will increase your chance with her.

Knowing when and how to kiss a girl is a great skill but if you want to know more macking tactics..

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How To Learn If a Girl Likes You

How To Learn If a Girl Likes You

by Dean Cortez

Have you ever wondered how you can find out if a girl likes you or not? Women usually send mixed and confusing signals, which can make the situation really hard to figure out. A lot of men don’t quite get it if a girl likes them (as more than a friend), or not.

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How to Figure Out If a Girl Likes You

1. She spends quality time with you – if a girl doesn’t like you, she won’t normally go out with you all the time. She would be thrilled just to be with you that she won’t mind whether you take her at a cheap diner, a bar, a coffee shop, a library, etc. On the other hand, if a girl always says “No” to you, then maybe you should start to move on.

2. Receptive – they pay attention to what you’re saying to her. She would also ask a lot of questions and allow you to talk more about it. In fact, she would even start researching about it the moment she gets home.

3. Understand the way she looks at you – this may be a tad difficult for men who do not have experience in reading girls. If a girl likes you she would give you lingering looks and if you catch her doing so, she would look away and look at something else. Unlike girls who are not into you, you will catch her looking at you more often.

To avoid confusion between girls who seems to be glancing at you more often and girls who glance at you because they like you, try transfer to another area when she’s not looking. If she’s really into you, she will start to search for you the moment she notices that you’re gone. One she sees you again, she may pretend to be looking for someone else.

4. Smile at her – Try smiling at her but don’t overdo this as you may freak her out. Just smile at her once and see how she reacts. if she likes you, she will also smile back but in a shy and polite manner. On the other hand, if she replies in a very rude manner and starts to frown, move on.

5. She laughs at your jokes – This is a bit tricky because there are some girls who are not into you but are nice enough to laugh at your jokes even if they’re not funny. Further, if a girl likes you she will not only laugh but will also give out other cues of interest. For example, she will laugh, touches your shoulder or arms, and smile all the time. She also lets you linger because she loves your presence.

Yes, knowing if a girl likes your or not can be difficult. But if you want to understand how women think and behave and learn other macking tactics…

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