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Things to Talk About with a Girlfriend: A Guide on Saying the Right Things

Things to Talk About with a GirlfriendLooking for the right things to talk about with a girlfriend can be a hard task for many boyfriends. The complexity of a woman’s mind can be very hard to decipher which makes it all the more hard to figure out the right things to talk about with your girlfriend. Of course, a girl on girl talk is no biggie. Most women can easily relate with each other and the talk can go on and on with no particular topic in mind. A boy on girl talk, though, can take a little effort. Here are some tips to start a conversation and give you a head start in chatting up the right things with your girlfriend.

Most men look up way too much on their gender and have been victims of gender biased thinking that have placed women second to women on a lot of things that require muscle and brains. Ditch this thought and acknowledge the fact that girls can compete with boys when it comes to such aspects. Contrary to popular belief, girl talk is not only about gossip and pop culture. Talk to her about the current events in politics today and allow her to give her opinions and views. Make sure that you know what you are talking about. Chances are she might take the erroneous things that you have said against you.

Tips on Things to Talk About with a Girlfriend

Do not try too hard and talk too much about anything that is too girly. Act too insensitive and emotional and you just might be perceived as effeminate. Stop talking too much about the hottest shoe trend or give your thoughts on the latest episode of Gossip Girl. Girls can sense that you really are not into these things and are only looking to impress. Rather, talk about these things on the male perspective. Such topics to talk about with a girl might not be of their best interest but they will surely appreciate your attempts and efforts in trying to relate with them.

Compliment a girl that has taken your interest. Make sure that it does not turn into flattery, though, as there is a thin line that separates it from the former. Compliment how shiny her hair is or how she looks good in the dress that she is wearing. Do not over do it as she might take it the wrong way. One tip on things to talk about with a girlfriend is to stay away from sports talk. Unless she really is into you, she could only care less about such topics. Talking about current events is acceptable. Just do not go into the whole talk of pro feminism – just be neutral.

More Tips on Things to Talk About with a Girlfriend

Women love phone conversations. There is something very romantic about it that they just could not seem to put a finger on. Boys have a very big advantage when they have phone conversations with their girlfriends. They do not need to be too attentive as they would be in person and you can say romantic things without the fear of looking like a sissy. This is an opportune time for boys to fully express themselves as they can say practically anything that they wish to say.

This is merely the tip of the iceberg. Trying to fathom everything is nearly impossible as the working of a girl’s mind is quite complex as it is. Keep in mind that girls are sensitive enough to sense that a guy is already making an effort. Rest assured that that such effort is highly appreciated and has been duly noted for. Try to keep things uncomplicated and note that picking the right things to talk about with a girlfriend does not have to be rocket science.

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