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Funny Pick up Lines for Girls

Tickle Her Funny Bone: Funny Pick up Lines for Girls

Funny Pick up Lines for Girls

If you’re the average guy looking for funny pick up lines for girls, I applaud your wish to go the extra mile. Most of us clueless specimens of the male species can barely master the art of dishing out pick up lines that actually work, let alone pick up lines that make a girl laugh and steer clear of romantic pick up lines. In any case, there are funny pick up lines for girls out there for the guy who’d like to tickle her funny bone.

Skilled pickup artist Jon Sinn once said, “Fun is the ultimate attraction switch”. Bingo, boys, you’ve just found that humor is a good girl magnet. Now, how to go about being fun, or funny, is going to take more than a bunch of memorized funny pick up lines for girls. For one thing, to deliver a pick up line, you’re going to have to approach this girl first and know what to talk about. For another, you want to make sure that the chances are not high that she’s going to blow you off.

Before using funny pickup lines for girls, it always helps to establish your presence in the room. Be a fun guy. Start animated conversations with the guy on your left. Chat up the bartender. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anybody; the point is to let her notice that you are part of a social circle. This communicates high social value, and she will appreciate that.

Another thing you might want to do is approach her—without really approaching her. It helps to seem as if you are about to walk right past her, and then at the last minute, look over your shoulder and say hello. This lets her know that your time is valuable and that you are on your way somewhere, increasing the chances of her entertaining you when you try to start a conversation with her. In fact, don’t even face her fully until you feel that she’s invested herself. Also, if she doesn’t seem interested, you can just keep walking.

Funny Pick up Lines for Girls: Girls will Surely Love ‘Em

Funny pick up lines for girls include statements that catch her off guard. It’s possible to take any standard pick up line and give it an entertaining—if not funny—twist. For instance, instead of saying “Hi, I don’t recognize you from around here. Are you new?” you can say “I don’t recognize you from around here. I’m betting you came from the starry fields of Venus. Or at least, a really cool city near here”. Remember that funny pick up lines for girls can sound pretty ridiculous if you’re not confident enough in yourself to laugh along with her. On the other hand, your ability to laugh at yourself is one quality she’ll appreciate, and you can move on to relatively more serious topics.

Another way to pick up a girl (and be funny at the same time) is the opinion opener. This usually works if you’re asking her for her take on your clothes, or style (girls love this kind of stuff). You might ask her, “Hi. Tell me honestly; pink really isn’t my color, is it?” or “Do you think my shoes make me clop around like a donkey?” One all-time favorite is “Does this shirt make me look gay?” and then follow it up with “Because there was this gay dude at the bar earlier who tried to pick me up”. Be prepared to laugh along with her, it shows that even though you seem to be placing yourself in a vulnerable position, you still retain control over the conversation.

Either way you decide to do it, funny pick up lines for girls are usually great steppingstones for talking on the phone and for jumpstarting that animated exchange you’d like to have.

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