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Using Dirty Pick Up Lines on Girls

Using Dirty Pick Up Lines on Girls


dirty pick up lines

Have you ever thought about why other men seem to get away with using dirty pick up lines to get girls and you don’t? Does it mean they are better than you or are better-looking? Have you even considered that idea that you are not skilled enough to deliver the lines the right way? It is of primary importance, then, that you read this article to gain helpful pointers on the proper ways of using dirty pick up lines yet come out victorious with the ladies.

The first thing you need to remember when you use dirty pick up lines to get a girl you want is this: Never ever seek her approval before you talk to her. When you seem cautious and timid, you send the image of a guy who is not sure of himself; thus, the girl won’t have a great first impression of you. Instead of sounding apologetic for intruding into her space, be bold and daring and deliver the pick up line without looking back. Thus, you can directly talk to her using the “nice ass opener” which lets you ask her to check out your ass; if you’re lucky, she might just go along with it.

Do Dirty Pick Up Lines Work On Girls?

The second tip you need to remember in using dirty pick up lines is this: Don’t ask a question that can be answered with a yes or a no. If you plan to start a conversation with a lame question that the girl can just say “yes” or “no” to, your conversation won’t become as conversation at all; it will just be a one-sided chat. Thus, you have to make sure that your pick up line is open-ended and has many possibilities as to the answers that the girl may give. For this tip, you can use the opener called Mr. Big which allows you to ask the girl whether she watches Sex and the City, and how you have been told that the girls in the corner are reminded of Mr. Big when they look at you. Follow up the line by asking whether that is good or bad.


An important thing that men should also consider when using dirty pick up lines is their body language and voice. Saying the pick up line with a trace of discomfort or self-consciousness tells the girl that the line came straight out of a book. If, on the other hand, the guy utters the line clearly and boldly, he will surely get the girl’s attention. A good dirty pick up line to try is “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. This pick up line lets a guy hit on two girls by telling them that they are equally attractive and he wouldn’t mind having intercourse with either girl.

Lastly, when planning to use dirty pick up lines, you should be ready with some opinions, stories, and experiences of your own. When you give nuggets of wisdom about the things you and the girl are talking about, you keep the conversation in full swing. Further, you allow yourself to be assessed by the girl in a whole new light. Through that, she could possibly see you as a person of value and will exert some effort to get the conversation flowing.

So, the next time you and the guys hit the town, make sure to remember the tips given above. Always remember that the right skill is important to get the girl’ attention. You must also remember that coming off as self-assured and confident does wonders. Thus, if you plan on becoming the most eligible bachelor in the room, you should use the tips on how to use dirty pick up lines.

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Dirty Pick Up Lines for Girls in a Bar

Dirty Pick Up Lines for GirlsMost likely, men have spent half of their lives trying to use dirty pick up lines for girls so that they will find women being sexually aroused by them. So, if I were you, I will try my best study the magic of properly delivering pick up lines to get ahead from the men in the dating world. Social personas, in other words, super-ego, are present in everybody. It is your default personality to use when speaking to people in general. It is the inner self that you should concentrate on developing.

There are two things that you must differentiate to help you with using dirty pick up lines for girls. Affection happens when you are spend a long time with someone just being casual and friendly but it does not necessarily turn it into an exciting relationship. On the other hand, you cannot choose when you will be attracted to someone since it is buried in your deep subconscious that you cannot control. A lot of men go through their lives not practicing to communicate through their inner self, where all your desires are stored. It is through your inner self that you are able to successfully attract any girl.

To use dirty pick up lines for girls efficiently, I suggest you spark attraction between you and the girl. Openers are statements that help you open up a conversation to a girl. When you see a girl all alone, walk up to her and use the Mischievous Girl opener by asking her what she is doing all along looking mysterious. Most likely, the girl would smile and you tell her that she looks like she did something bad and got away. Use neutral openers to start off as someone casual and flirt openers if you want to immediately tell the woman that you are sexually interested.

You could also use dirty pick up lines for girls so that you could establish sexual tension. Try being a cocky and confident while you deliver your lines. Sexual misinterpretation is when you assume that everything the girl is saying, even if it is really ordinary, implies that she wants to see you in bed. Tease her a lot and maybe even act as if you do could only treat her as a sister. When you make it hard for her, she will think that you are someone with a high social value.

Another way to deliver dirty pick up lines for girls is to amplify the attraction. Always remember that attraction is not an option but something instant. Try being all relaxed and confidently comfortable whenever you are in front of a girl. Lean backwards while sitting down if you do not want to hand power to the person in front of you. Avoid looking so nervous by walking slowly. Eye contact should be constant since it is known that the longer the eye contact, the deeper the intimacy.

Being comfortable is the key to be successful in the dating scene. Avoid rushing things by moving on to the next step when you know the girl is still not ready. Communicate everything you feel so that you can use your inner self effectively. Never forget to concentrate on attracting women, and the things that could attract her,  rather than affection so you could use your dirty pick up lines for girls well.

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