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Dating Tips For Guys – How To Get A Date With A Girl

Dating Tips For Guys – How Get A Date With A Girl


get a date with a girlBeing successful in making a girl accept your invitation for a date can be a bit of a challenge, if you are clueless about the right way to go about it. Therefore, you need pointers on how to get a date with a girl that you like. When you have the desire to ask any girl out on a date, you have to bear in mind certain things that you need to perform. Thus, it is imperative that you read the rest of this article to equip yourself with the required skills to get a girl to give her nod to your invitation even for a drink of coffee in a nearby café.

The most important thing you need to remember when you want to get a date with a girl is sexual tension. No, it does not mean that the minute you see each other, you come close and never part. It’s not as overly dramatic as that; sexual tension just means that you and the girl find each other interesting, with a hint of being sexually attracted to each other. In simple words, it just means you have to create a feeling that the girl can expect better things to come from you. This has something to do with anticipation and anticipation of good things can be great for your chances of getting the girl to say yes.

On the topic of sexual tension and its impact on your success on how to get a date with a girl, you have to consciously be aware that chemistry between you and the girl is important. This is easy enough if the girl finds you attractive already; but it is challenge when you are not particularly handsome. But, don’t despair; you can still get her to say yes if you show her that you are a man worth noticing the minute you open your mouth. Thus, you should make sure that when you do start talking, you are sending the idea that you are a prime catch. In this light, it is necessary for you to do two things which will be discussed in the succeeding paragraphs.

Tips on How to Get a Date with a Girl

In knowing how to get a date with a girl, you have to two separate things to be successful: flirt and be cocky and funny. Let’s take flirting first. Flirting plays a huge role in creating sexual tension as you playfully tell the girl that you “might” be interested in her. Thus, when you say: “Hi, I see you are alone, acting shy, and you probably are in need of attention from guys. That’s why I’m here.” This line shows that you could be the man to get as you create an air of mystery regarding what you will say next.

The second thing that you need when you want to get a date with a girl is to act cocky and funny. It is important to be cocky and funny at the same time. If you are just cocky, you come across as arrogant but if you are just plain funny, you come across as a comedian. When you are both, you send the idea of being the alpha male which is good for chances of getting the girl’s yes. Thus, by being cocky and funny, you can definitely get good results with this line: “Do you have the time? (She gives you the time from her watch.) No, the time to write my number down.”

The pointers given can come in handy only if you practice them regularly. Thus, you can easily get any girl to go out with you if you act the way the great pick up artists do. This means that you have to be a go-getter. Being a go-getter in this sense means flirting a little and being cocky and funny to assure that you do get a date with a girl you like.

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Know the Best First Date Questions to Ask

Know the Best First Date Questions to Ask

first date questions

The first date is always the date that numerous guys make extra effort to prepare for. There’s countless conditions that guys have to deal with to make sure that their first date will ultimately land them a sure second date. You’re all prepared and you’ve planned the perfect place. Now you just have to set the ambiance with the right kind of fist date questions.

Be Equipped with Fun First Date Questions

To make sure that you are not going to drown in silence, make a set of first date questions jotted down just in case you get tense and scramble for something to convey. Make sure that your concerns are interesting. Avoid the questions that could lead to a an easy yes or no. Ask the questions that will encourage her to share her thoughts and interests.

Well before you can start shooting questions, you need to first relax and just remember to enjoy the date. Being so stressed and stressed will end up in nervousness that will initiate you to act foolishly and speak about senseless things. Be prepared and list down possible first date questions. Whenever you pick her up, start with casual questions that will show concern for her pursuits.

“There’s this new shop that just opened, is it okay that we check this place out before going for a bite?”

“I was planning on checking out this new flea market across town, after that we could stroll around and see the sites. Is that okay with you?”


At this point, you’ve broken the ice and you could have gotten over the barrier. It’s simple to ask the more personal first date questions to get acquainted with more about your date. Just keep these first date questions into account and you just can’t go wrong.

What would you really like to do aside from your job right now?

Do you enjoy your job? If not, what would be your dream job?

If you could go on a vacation right now, where would you go?

If you could turn back the clock, would you change any part of your life?

What would be the craziest thing that you’d want to do but you’re afraid that it would be too weird?

If you could be a celebrity, which celebrity would you like to be?

If you could go around the world, how would you like to travel, by plane, by cruise ship, by train or by foot?

What is your wildest dream?

Now you’ve arranged the mood and you’ve gotten your date to state more personal details about her and at the same time enjoy these cool first date questions. Just take this into account and you surely will land that second date.

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How to Ask a Girl Out

How to Ask a Girl Out


How to Ask a Girl Out

It seems that there are a lot of men out there who have no clue on how to ask a girl out. Honestly, this is a difficult thing to do especially if you’re not very familiar with how women think. Therefore, the answer to this dilemma is, knowing how they think and react to their environment and pushing the right buttons so you can get the result you want. Below are some awesome tips on how to ask a girl out.

Ways on How to Ask a Girl Out

1. Don’t be too obvious – contrary to popular belief, women love to go after their men too. One of the mistakes that nice guys do is showing their attraction to women from the get go. Women are not turned on by men who follow them around and give in to their whims easily. In short, you’re no challenge to her thus, dumping you is as easy as ABC.

Notice how natural chick magnets show nonchalance when they deal with women. As a result, the curious within her is awakened and once he gives her random attention, she gets turned on. In short, he makes himself the prize instead of the pursuer. So you must learn to control yourself if you really want that date so bad.

2. You’re not going out on a date – you need to change how you see this. There are several reasons why you’re not supposed to ask her to go out on date with you, instead just hangout or do something really fun and interesting. It’s still a date, technically, but you don’t think of it that way if you want to succeed.

If you invite her on a date and she rejects you right off the bat, it sucks, yeah? Things may go awkward between the two of you plus you have a bruised ego to nurse. On the other hand, if she accepts the invitation, both of you will be put under pressure. When both of you are under pressure to impress each other, you might just do the opposite thing. So take it easy, this is not a date.

3. Use an Innocent Invite – if you want to know how to ask a girl out successfully, use this. Unlike the popoular way of inviting a woman, the innocent invite has a higher success rate. Start by telling her about a fun activity that you’re attending soon and ask her if she wants to join you. Doing so will make her think that you’re a lot of fun to be with. When you invite her, you’re sending her a message that this is an opportunity for her to join you. Just make sure you sound like you’ve already planned to go to this activity anyway.

So in case she says no, it’s not like she’s rejecting you.

Learn more tips on how to ask a girl out and more real-life examples and situations.

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How to Make Out

How to Make Out


So you’re interested in knowing how to make out. It’s not surprising since people aren’t born good kissers. But, you won’t know if you’re a good one if you don’t do it. And you need someone to practice it with.

Let’s go over the basics first. What’s making out? Making out is actually just kissing. It’s lots and lots of kissing. With some tongue involved, but not too much.

If you’re new to making out, your partner may be too. It won’t be fun if you’re both nervous about the whole thing. If you’re just about to learn how to make out, better take things slow.

Learn How to Make Out

Set a romantic mood. Ease the pressure by giving a little time to the preparation of a romantic mood. Do a little cleaning up beforehand, dim the lights, use some scented candles if you like, and play some soft music.

Again, there’s no need to hurry things. Ask veteran kissers and they’ll tell you that nothing’s worse than going from awkwardly closed lips to all out tonsil hockey in half a second. Simply lean towards your partner and let her meet you along the way. If you feel the urge to let your tongue out, stop it. A good idea is to simply start with softly kissing your partner’s lips.

To take your kissing to the level of making out, slowly part your lips as you kiss. Relax, and then gently let your tongue out. Just let it touch your partner’s lips, but don’t lick it. Depending on how your partner reacts or the way things are going, chances are your tongue will be touching hers. Don’t push things, yet.

Kissing deeply. When you’ve successfully introduced tongues outside, you can now take the party inside your partner’s mouth. You’re pretty much playing swordfight with your tongues and this can feel both hot and gross. Only a thin line separates the two, to make sure you stay on the hot side, keep things interesting. Go with a deep kiss, pull back a little, kiss her somewhere besides the lips, then go back to deep kissing. Don’t focus all your attention on the mouth; give it room to breathe too.

Find the right rhythm. Respond accordingly to how your partner acts. Find your pace where you’re comfortable and enjoying things. Hug, talk, laugh, take breaks, there’s no need to have nonstop kissing.

You and your partner should just have fun. You and your partner are new to making out, to make sure there’s a sequel, you better be enjoying what you’re doing even if you’re not doing it all right.

If you like what you’re read, you’ll be thrilled to know that there are more advanced macking techniques for you to know. So if you’re up to it…

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What Not To Do On Your First Date

What Not To Do On Your First Date

first date

The art of asking a girl out

When people ask me for some first date advice, one of the most common questions I encounter is, “How do I ask a Girl on a Date?” I honestly think that this “mentality” is rife among the male species and is just not ideal. Confused?

The first thing to pluck out of your system is not to think of “asking-a-girl-out” as a date because of the following reasons:

– It’s a dead giveaway. Its a giveaway that you are into her, thus giving her option to toy with you.

– If she says “yes”, then you will have to deal with meeting her expectations.

– If she says “no”, then you will end up wallowing in sorrow.

A casual or innocent invites always work for me. Everytime I get a positive response, I keep in mind some crucial points that I need to do and avoid. Let me share it with you.

Things to Avoid

No Movies and Expensive Restaurants – these activities cost you a lot of money and time but do not yield favorable results. Since you can’t talk much inside a movie house, you might as well have brought her to a library, at least it’s free. Expensive restaurants on the other hand calls fo both of you to act in a formal fashion thus adding unwanted pressure on both of you. The 2 scenarios can hinder the both of you from having fun.

Also, the notion that you are trying to “impress her” with your money might pop up.

Don’t include your Family and Friends – This is a big no as it will do nothing to help the both of you in getting to know each other better.

What to do on a first date.



Your First Name:
Your Email Address:


Hang out – Just find something relaxing and casual to do. Though many would say to bring her to a restaurant, that advice isn’t always applicable. Women love casual dates as it allows them to let their hair down. A casual date also gives you the chance to show her what a fun person you are.


Bring her to a small coffee shop or a lounge. Invite her to help you shop for a present for your best friend’s birthday or help you pick u good book to read.

Daytime dates are always nice as you have more options to chose from. Plus, you get to see more things during the day which can be used as a conversation piece. Its provides a venue of unpredictability which always leads to fun.

Show Her Where You Live – This may be an unusual first date advice but believe me, it works. To casually do this, just pretend you forgot something and ask her in. Let her check your place out as you pretend to look for something. This way, inviting her over to your place later won’t be that challenging anymore since she already knows your environment, she’s seen you in it and she knows you’re going to behave yourself.

Be Punctual and Dress Appropriately – No explanation needed here I think.

Let her Talk More –avoid questions answerable by a yes or no. And remember, keep your personal issues locked inside a safe. Focus on her alone. Again, don’t forget to maintain the attitude that this is her chance to impress you.

How to End Your Date – keep the date short and sweet. Make sure that you’re the one who ends the date in order not to create the notion that you are chasing after her. Crucial first date tips: end it when the date is at its high point so you leave her wanting more.

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First Date Tips For Guys

First Date Tips To Help You Hook Up

first date tipsFirst dates can be nerve wracking when you don’t know what you’re doing, and especially if you’re not quite sure how to talk to girls and keep the conversation flowing. This is why a few quality first date tips can work wonders. But before we get to that, kudos on lining up a special evening with this girl. Now you’ve got to execute the right game plan. With that out of the way, here are the tips.

I’m pretty sure you’ve been giving yourself a hard time thinking where to bring her. Should you regale her with how much money you can spend on food? Wondering about the best clothes to wear? Will you be able to sweep her off her feet? Will you get “lucky?” And what are you going to talk with her about?

Stop worrying about those thing and just take things easy. The flirting tips and all the seduction stuff comes later. The first thing you need to know is…

Don’t Take Girls On “Conventional” First Dates

Do understand that taking her to an expensive place won’t do much in elevating your status with her. The only effect that would do is add further pressure for the both of you. You also put them in a defensive position since they might think you’d go for the kill when the night is done (RE: get into her pants). It can also lead to you spending the whole night impressing her. In the end, you find yourself in your room, tired, a few hundred dollars poorer and dealing with a nagging feeling that you might not see her again.

Be Cool & Casual

When guys ask me for tips on how to get women to like you, one of the first pieces of advice I give them is that women, in general, like the idea of doing something casual and comfortable with someone they just met. Save the expensive dinner dates for when you’re actually in a serious relationship! So just take things easy yourself. Plus, this will give you enough topics to talk about. Suggest something like:

“Hey, do you want to hang out at the beach on Friday?”

“Let’s have coffee tomorrow afternoon after work”

The purpose of this date is not for you to prove yourself to her. Instead, you shift the burden to her by letting her prove how much fun and cool she is to hang out with.

Fact is, it’s easier to invite and bring a girl to your place after a fun hang-out session compared to a long, possibly dreary, dinner at an expensive restaurant since you’ve expelled whatever nervous tension both of you have been feeling prior to the date. As for dinner dates, it could end abruptly simply because the girl has appointments the next day.

Go For the Kill

Keep the though of getting laid on hold… .yet. There’s no need to rush since you’ll get there once you’ve established a good relationship with her.

After some time, that’s when you invite her over to your place. Women who find you fun, cool and attractive will not say no to such suggestions.

Always keep in mind that not all women go for the idea of a traditional date. If you look at the facts, men who are good with women don’t do the whole traditional dating thing. They understand that women get excited and are sexually attracted to men who are fun and unpredictable. By establishing yourself as one, you will make it hard for her to say no to your wishes. The end result will be the two of you exploring the space under the sheets.

Do not go to clubs, bars, or movie houses especially if your friends are there as this would make her feel awkward. All the things written on here are but a few of many first date tips every guy must learn.

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