Sweet Pick Up Lines To Say To a Girl

Sweet Pick Up Lines To Say To a GirlSugary Conversations in 2011: Sweet Pick Up Lines To Say To a Girl

If you’re trying to list down sweet pick up lines to say to a girl from an old 50’s flick, I’m going to ask you to stop right there. Why? Well, for one thing, you do not want to be using latest pick up lines from more than half a century ago. She’s probably heard it all before. It’s 2011, and it’s about time we get a move on.

For another thing, finding sweet pick up lines to say to a girl should have an element of sincerity in it, especially because there are too few guys out there who still use them, and too many girls who have become skeptical towards any form of sweetness whatsoever.

When thinking about sweet pick up lines to say to a girl, the first thing you want to consider is your approach. In addition to building social value, it’s important to make a connection with the girl you like before playing on the charm. This is a better approach than suddenly appearing out of nowhere and laying on a thick “Hi, you look stunning tonight”. Girls get freaked out by that, trust me, and you’re not really helping yourself bring about that “sweet” atmosphere.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Simple eye contact will do. Don’t creep her out by engaging in a fierce staredown. Once you’ve caught her eye, smile warmly. If she responds with an equally favorable smile, then you’re in the clear to make your next move.

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Contrary to popular opinion, finding sweet pick up lines to say to a girl doesn’t necessarily entail bringing on the lines to pick up girls. (Or corniness, whichever you prefer.) For instance, you can try them in the form of flirty openers.

Examples of sweet pick up lines to say to a girl are compliments. This should be pretty easy for a guy to pull off, but remember that sincerity counts. You could say something like “That necklace looks really good on you. My sister is having her birthday next week, and I was wondering where I could get one like it?” or “You look amazing in that dress. I was planning to get my bestfriend Jen something like that, but I don’t know if there are still dresses available in that color. Care to help me out?”

Take note that you achieve two things with this kind of good pick up line: a) you give her a sweet compliment, and b) you reinforce your social value by emphasizing that you are part of a social circle (mentioning your “sister” and “bestfriend Jen”.)

Alternatives to Sweet Pick Up Lines To Say To a Girl

You might also use question or opinion openers. Girls appreciate these kinds of openers because it sends the message that a guy values her opinion enough to approach her. You could ask her opinion on your clothes (i.e. “Does this shirt make me look gay? A dude was trying to buy me a drink earlier at the bar…”) or on a certain situation (i.e. “My friend Mike caught his wife kissing someone else last night, now they’re not even speaking to each other. What do you think counts as cheating?”). For believability, anchor your questions to reasons that you’re asking them.

And then you have the flirty opener. Flirty openers should serve to set the stage for a conversation, so don’t dwell on them after she’s expressed interest in engaging in a conversation with you. You could say “Hi. I really don’t have any sweet talk lines to offer you, and I’m hoping that ‘hello’ is enough” and then jump straight into conversation with her. Don’t worry about sounding cheesy. When using sweet pick up lines to say to a girl, your sincerity is what matters.

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