Top 4 Best Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend


Questions to Ask Your GirlfriendEven when both of you are already in a committed relationship; it is not bad to still have a hard time to figure out questions to ask your girlfriend. We all know that there are so many things that we still have to discover about the person that we are and we get to know all of these little by little. Of course, you will have to do the necessary moves to speed up the process of fully knowing her inside and out as soon as you can. Here are some good questions to ask about a girl, and get a girl‘s attemtion,to help to fully understand her and the relationship that both of you are trying to build.

One of the best questions that you can ask you girlfriend is the one that concerns your relationship. Get to know her thoughts about the both of you being together and ask her what her view is of you. Questions such as “Why are you my girlfriend?” or “If you have never met me, would you have a boyfriend?” are good openers on this topic. Also delve down deeper issues that are of a concern to both of you and ask “Is there a trait that you find unattractive about me?” or “How would you visualize a perfect relationship?” These things to talk about with a girl will give you relationship a more solid foundation.

Tips on Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

The next set of questions that you can ask your girlfriend is that which center on her. This serves as the core of the talk since you aim to get to know your girlfriend deeper in the first place. Examples on what to talk about with your girlfriend that pertains to this topic are “When you spend time with your family and friends, what do you enjoy doing?” and “What would you consider as your three strengths? What about your three weaknesses?” Talk about the deeper things about her as you are bound to have known enough of the superficial ones already.

Another one of the best things to talk about your girlfriend is the “Do You” questions. This might seem like a close-ended question since they might only answer a mere “Yes” or “No” but allow them to expound and explain their answers by giving them follow-up questions. Examples of good “Do You” topics to talk about with a girl are “Do you consider yourself an honest person?” and “Do you have plans in the future when it comes to the permanent relationship that you are currently in?”

More Tips on Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

The next set of questions on what to talk about with your girlfriend are the “What If” questions. This can turn out to be a very interesting talk depending on the kind of the questions that you can ask her. Examples of this include “If you were in a relationship and you get into some sort of accident that rendered you disabled, would you still continue on with the relationship?” and “If you became the mother of a child who has a birth defect, how would you react?”. You can also turn this into one amusing talk by asking “If you won a million dollars in the lottery, what is the first thing that you will buy?”

There are still so many good things to talk about with a girl aside from all the general questions that pertain to her passions and pet peeves. Think about them and formulate your own unique ones to keep you conversation interesting. Keep in mind that whatever questions to ask your girlfriend – be it serious or otherwise; you will always find something interesting to gain from it that will help in getting to know her more.

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