Questions to Ask a Girl for an Interesting First Date

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Questions to Ask a GirlThere are so many kinds of questions to ask a girl to get a good conversation going. Of course, the topic of the question will have to vary on a number of aspects such as the location or event, your current relationship with a girl, and how much you are comfortable when you talk to a girl. If you really intend to get to know the girl better; you initially have to build a good enough rapport so that you can get her to open to you. This is especially important during a first date since both of you are still trying to find common views, hobbies, and experiences between the both of you.

One of the things to talk about with a girl is the topic that concerns her family and friends. This will be a very easy and comfortable talk for her since she is already very familiar with these people. Some of the questions that you can ask her include “do you have any kids?”, “where are your siblings?”, and “how do you keep in touch with your close friends?” When you ask her questions about those people that play a very important in her life; she will see you as a sincere person who also cares about those people that she loves.

Knowing More about the Questions to Ask a Girl

Another one of the most appropriate questions to ask a girl is that which centers her job. There are so many questions that you can formulate from it ranging from her work hours, company ethics, and boss. Examples of these include “what do you like about your job?”, “what is the most challenging thing about it?”, “why did you chose this career?” and “where do you see yourself five years from now?” The topic on jobs could either bring out the best in her as she talks about her bright career future or it might bring out the worst in her when you talk about her hectic work hours or horrible boss.

Those that talk about her interests are very fitting questions to ask a girl, especially on a first date. These are those kinds of questions that you will let you into her mind and get to know that things that she takes great pleasure in doing. Ask her questions about her hobbies and passions through the following questions: “what do you like doing for fun?”, “where do you usually go for vacations?”, “what kind of music do you listen to?”, and “where would you want to travel to someday?” As you go along getting to know her better with these questions, you are bound to discover similar things that you find passion in doing.

More Tips on Questions to Ask a Girl

Now that you have opened her up enough to get to have a grasp of her persona; it may now be appropriate to delve into more personal and intimate issues. Talk about her motivations in life by asking her questions like “as a child, what did you want to be when you grow up?”, “in what part of your life were you happiest?”, and “how did you get into your current passion?” There might be times when she does not have answers to the questions that you will throw and that is okay.

Remember that just because you are the one asking all the questions; it does not mean that you will stay as such. If she does not ask you any question or does not throw your question right back at you; have the initiative to at least share something about your family, friends, job, interests, and motivations. Sometimes, men turn out to have shy dates that have a hard time opening up and holding up a conversation. Keep in mind that the questions to ask a girl should remain light and personal without any note of obtrusiveness.

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