What If She Says She Has A Boyfriend?

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girls with boyfriendsThis is your wingman Dean Cortez and I’ve got some more KILLER tips on how to turbo-charge your skills with women. I want you to READ THIS…because the techniques I’m about to give you have gotten me laid on MANY occasions.

(I even used this technique to nail a super-hot porn star a few months ago when I was hanging out at a nightclub in Las Vegas…)

Right now I’m going to show you to handle it when you’re talking to a girl and she says she has a BOYFRIEND.

First, never ASK if she has a boyfriend. (Even if she asks if you have a girlfriend.)

Second, you need to understand WHY women say they have boyfriends.

In a lot of situations, she’ll say she has a boyfriend because she is TESTING you. She wants to see how you will respond. Most guys are insecure and inexperienced, so as soon as they hear the dreaded “B Word,” they bail out.

They hit the “eject” button and want to end the conversation, because they figure they have no chance…they think she’s “taken…” But in reality, a lot of girls are just saying this for one of two reasons:

1. She gets approached by a LOT of dudes, and this is her way of “screening” them and figuring out which guys are confident and “high value”…and which guys are WEAK, and not worth her time.

The HIGH VALUE guys are going to stick around and keep flirting with her. The LOW VALUE guys are going to look disappointed, because now they think they have no chance.

Think of it as a “filter.” She is ONLY mentioning her boyfriend because she wants to see how you will respond. Is she going to filter you out and put you in the same category as the last 47 chumps who tried to talk to her…or are you going to man up and make her want to fuck YOU tonight?

So here are two GREAT ways to play it…

HER: I have a boyfriend.
YOU: Does he treat you well?
HER: Yes.
YOU: Oh. [short pause] I wouldn’t.

Lol. That response is GOLD!

Wait for her to laugh or playfully hit your arm or whatever, and then switch topics.

(Read the “Conversation Control” chapter in my best-selling seduction guide Mack Tactics to learn how to completely control the conversation and choose the RIGHT topics to get her talking, laughing, sharing intimate details about herself, and feeling ATTRACTED to you…)

Or, it might go like this…

HER: I have a boyfriend.
YOU: I’m not surprised. He must treat you like a princess, he’s probably the most romantic guy in the world. I bet he’s always thinking of you and doing sweet, thoughtful, romantic things…

To this, 90% of women will say something like “ummm…well, not really…” And they’ll tell you why they’re NOT happy with the guy they are currently dating!

The fact is, most women are not satisfied with their relationships. And you’re going to play on this, push this “button,” and use it to your ADVANTAGE.

And if you’re talking to her at a bar or a club…and her boyfriend is NOT with her…it’s obvious that he’s not “Prince Charming,” because why would he let her come to this place alone, and get hit on by guys?

So now, you’re going to use the “Boyfriend Annihilator” technique that I teach in the Mack Tactics book.

This technique is VERY sneaky and EXTREMELY powerful…because you’re not saying anything negative about her “boyfriend,” but at the same time you ask her questions that make her think she’s better off being with YOU.

You can learn it right here:

The Mack Tactics Seduction System (For “Bad Boys” Only)

So never get “hung up” on the boyfriend thing. Don’t worry about whether she has one, and if she mentions a boyfriend, treat it like a TEST.

And this is a test you will WIN.

Look out for my email tomorrow — I’ve got an EXPLOSIVE technique I want to give you that has gotten me laid by six different girls this month…(you’re going to LOVE it, trust me!)

Your Wingman,

she has a boyfriend

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