How to Talk to Girls at Parties

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how to talk to girls at partiesDo you want to know how to talk to girls at parties? Are you tired of always going solo and wish to have someone to go home with at the end of the night? However, are you afraid that things might not turn out the way you want to be? That when you talk to a girl at parties you will be rejected, humiliated, and even mocked? Well, know that the first step is to remove all your doubts. Girls can sense and are easily turned off by guys that are weak. Even if you are just pretending to be the confident man that you should be, make sure that she does not sense that you are merely acting.

A few minutes into the party, try to get your mind off of the girl that you desire. Associate and talk with the other people in the event. Laugh and make jokes with them. This is a party after all. If you are able to do this very well, she is bound to notice you. Girls would want to be associated with a man who is up there on the ranks of social status. Further, it also tells that a man has good authority. While this may go for some, women are not really after the amount of money a guy has in his bank account. For as long as he is fun and well-liked, he is already good to go.

Tips about How to Talk to Girls at Parties

Gone are the days when guys will have to exert so much effort when it comes to pleasing girls. Today, it is all about teasing them. Manipulate them in a way that they will want you more by the end of the encounter. To do this, approach her but do not linger. Tell her beforehand that you are simply meaning to ask her a question, get it over with, and leave. This way, the girl is left to wonder: Does he like me? Then why did he immediately leave? Was I not interesting enough? This challenges the girl to pursue. Now you are turning the tables.

Here is a sample scenario in teasing girls. Go up to her and make up a statement that goes something like this: “Hi, I do not intend to stay long. I just wanted to ask if you live anywhere around here. You are very gorgeous and it would be impossible for me to not have noticed you here before.” Then she will most likely answer with a “Yes, I just live around here. I just do not go in this place that often.” Once you have had your answer, thank her for her time then leave. You will be leaving her dumbstruck as to why you did not attempt at escalating the conversation further.

More Tips on How to Talk to Girls at Parties

At this point on, let the girl talk more. Let out loads of questions to ask a girl and take this as your chance to build up attraction. Of course, do this after you have performed the first step of completely ignoring her and socializing with other people. Once in a while, look into her eyes to add in a bit of mystery. The use of neutral openers is the best way on how to talk to girls at parties. It will sustain the conversation and make her more interested in you.

Although this tactic is not really guaranteed to work to all girls; this will be a good way to start with if you are still new in the field. As you face some rejections and criticisms, you should be able to learn to adjust and manipulate some of the tips listed above so that they are able to cater to a particular girl personality. This particular trick on how to talk to girls at parties will be a good stepping stone to beginners.

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