What Not To Do On Your First Date

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What Not To Do On Your First Date

first date

The art of asking a girl out

When people ask me for some first date advice, one of the most common questions I encounter is, “How do I ask a Girl on a Date?” I honestly think that this “mentality” is rife among the male species and is just not ideal. Confused?

The first thing to pluck out of your system is not to think of “asking-a-girl-out” as a date because of the following reasons:

– It’s a dead giveaway. Its a giveaway that you are into her, thus giving her option to toy with you.

– If she says “yes”, then you will have to deal with meeting her expectations.

– If she says “no”, then you will end up wallowing in sorrow.

A casual or innocent invites always work for me. Everytime I get a positive response, I keep in mind some crucial points that I need to do and avoid. Let me share it with you.

Things to Avoid

No Movies and Expensive Restaurants – these activities cost you a lot of money and time but do not yield favorable results. Since you can’t talk much inside a movie house, you might as well have brought her to a library, at least it’s free. Expensive restaurants on the other hand calls fo both of you to act in a formal fashion thus adding unwanted pressure on both of you. The 2 scenarios can hinder the both of you from having fun.

Also, the notion that you are trying to “impress her” with your money might pop up.

Don’t include your Family and Friends – This is a big no as it will do nothing to help the both of you in getting to know each other better.

What to do on a first date.



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Hang out – Just find something relaxing and casual to do. Though many would say to bring her to a restaurant, that advice isn’t always applicable. Women love casual dates as it allows them to let their hair down. A casual date also gives you the chance to show her what a fun person you are.


Bring her to a small coffee shop or a lounge. Invite her to help you shop for a present for your best friend’s birthday or help you pick u good book to read.

Daytime dates are always nice as you have more options to chose from. Plus, you get to see more things during the day which can be used as a conversation piece. Its provides a venue of unpredictability which always leads to fun.

Show Her Where You Live – This may be an unusual first date advice but believe me, it works. To casually do this, just pretend you forgot something and ask her in. Let her check your place out as you pretend to look for something. This way, inviting her over to your place later won’t be that challenging anymore since she already knows your environment, she’s seen you in it and she knows you’re going to behave yourself.

Be Punctual and Dress Appropriately – No explanation needed here I think.

Let her Talk More –avoid questions answerable by a yes or no. And remember, keep your personal issues locked inside a safe. Focus on her alone. Again, don’t forget to maintain the attitude that this is her chance to impress you.

How to End Your Date – keep the date short and sweet. Make sure that you’re the one who ends the date in order not to create the notion that you are chasing after her. Crucial first date tips: end it when the date is at its high point so you leave her wanting more.

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