How to Use Cool Pick Up Lines

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Cool Pick Up LinesBy Dean Cortez

Cool pick up lines should come with a great delivery, just like the coolest songs of the best concert. Imagine a concert where the performer is just standing there with a boring facial expression and you will end up being bored just by thinking about it. The coolest stars on earth are always spotted with the right posture to fit their image which helps bring their performance to the highest level. When it comes to pick up lines, your image must be developed to have women around you love you on site.

It is important that your image should establish authority and social proof in the dating scene so that your cool pick up lines would not end up a waste. Women will be more comfortable around you if you have confidence and keeping yourself relaxed. When you first meet a girl, make sure that you demonstrate your value. The problem with most men is that they are not able to show some great potential that the girl may be impressed at. You have only a few minutes to spend so use them filled with showcasing what you have to offer and not just boring pick up lines.

So that your cool and interesting pick up lines will have maximum effect, you need to practice your eye contact skills to display confidence. According to studies, when two people gaze at each other, attraction amplifies threefold. You must not avoid eye contact or else the girl will think you are shy. Just do not overdo the staring if you do not want to scare the girl and turn her off. To display confidence with your tantalizing and hypnotic eyes for confidence, you have to make sure your eyes are clear, look at the girls you are attracted to but avoid looking at others when you are talking to someone. This would really get the girl to like you and see your inner beauty as well.

You can do four eye gestures when delivering the cool pick up lines and one of them is the eyebrow shrug is when you raise your eyebrows to suggest that you are interested. Winking arouses the woman’s interest and would let her know that you are confident enough to wink at her. Meanwhile, a slow but hard blinking for both eyes puts social pressure on the woman whether you are looking at her or looking at the right. Squinting helps you to raise your social value by acting as if you are sizing her up and you are in doubt if she is worth liking or not. The ultra skeptical look has the same effect with squinting, making it seem like she just said something ridiculous.

Hands also define what you are feeling in the moment you use your cool and intellectual pick up lines. Do not tap your fingers on the table or fidgeting your hands since it implies that you are nervous but instead, relax and cup your hands. But controlling your eyes and hands may not be enough which is why, as mentioned earlier, you need to establish some social proof which comes with your social resume. Social resumes become effective when you place them in social networking sites like Facebook. Here, everyone gets the chance to preview your supposedly great life and would assume that you are a great person. This is one way to attract the girl and she would be thinking you as someone who has a great personality.

Your attitude should also be furnished to maximize liking and scarcity so you need to decide what kind of person you want to be. You should have the right associations, testimonials, and appearances. Associations are the people you spend time with. Testimonials are the great things people are saying about you and appearances are the cool places you hang out at. Once you are able to master all of these techniques together, you can call your self cool enough for the cool pick up lines.

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Sign Up & Learn The 4 DEADLIEST Pickup Lines You Can Use To Get Girls! (Free Video)

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