Cheesy Pick Up Lines for Girls

The Best Ways to Use Cheesy Pick Up Lines for Girls

Cheesy Pick Up Lines for Girls

If you’re going to use cheesy pick up lines for girls, it’s important that you set the stage first before you make your move. Corny pick up lines are easily taken the wrong way, especially by girls who can read right through a guy’s intentions.

You see, the thing you have to know about girls is that they don’t appreciate being treated as nothing more than sexual objects, so it’s not a good idea to let her in on your sexual interest right away. That might not necessarily be a bad pick up line, but if you’re planning to throw in cheesy pick up lines for girls, it’s better to switch the mood over to “light and pleasant” rather than “horny and looking for a night cap”.

Cheesy pick up lines for girls are usually along the flirty continuum, and it’s a good idea to play up your social factor before going anywhere near her. Guys who are socially valuable are infinitely appealing to girls, and showing her that you have social value will dispel any negative notions about you in her head. The plus side? Less chances of her blowing you off when you lay on cheesy pick up lines for girls.

Don’t limit yourself to one area of the room. Get up and get moving. Start conversations with people you know, or even with people you don’t know. Be fun and engaging. Talk to anyone—the bartender, the guys on your left, the group of people in the middle of the room. The point is to be part of a social circle and allow her to notice that.

Cheesy Pick Up Lines for Girls: The Power of Non-verbal Communication

The next thing you have to do when learning to use cheesy pick up lines for girls is establish a non-verbal connection with her. Don’t come on too strong, or you’ll scare her off. A simple smile is enough. Eye contact works too. Remember to keep the mood light and pleasant; you don’t want to look like you’re about to eat her up for dinner. If she returns your smile, or if she doesn’t smirk at you (or some other similar reaction), then that’s the go signal for your approach.

Now, even though you’ve acknowledged each other’s presence in the room, don’t forget that you are socially valuable. You have to look like you are on your way to somewhere else. Walk up to her and say hello, but don’t let her know that you plan on staying very long. In fact, tell her you’ll only be with her for “two minutes”. (Also, never apologize to a girl for trying to start a conversation with her. It’s not rude or insensitive, because when you think about it, there’s really nothing to apologize for.)

For example, you might open your conversation with “Hey. You look absolutely amazing, and it’s jumbled my brain so much that I don’t have any great pick up lines for you. Just hello.” After she’s responded, you can throw in a “I have to pick my friend Arthur up from work so I can only stay a while”. Use that tiny window of time to convince her that you are worth her time.

Keep in mind that cheesy pick up lines for girls might elicit laughter from the girl you’re trying to pick up, so it’s important that you be comfortable enough with yourself to laugh along with her. Maintain control over the situation, and trust your conversational skills to lead you from there. Breeze right over the cheesy pick up lines for girls and plunge into the fun, interactive exchange you planned this to be.


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